This news will be very good for Instagram users. Today, Instagram announced that the links to IG stories are now available in the Instagram story for all users, not just those who have 10,000 followers or an approved account. This would be great for expanding your user account.

Initially, Stories links were only for approved accounts or those with a certain number of followers. It is a very practical way to share important things. Now everyone can use this feature.

Now, regardless of the size of your account, you can put a link to the stories which can be your YouTube channel link. By doing this, your YouTube channel will expand at the same time. You can access these links instead of “Swipe up” in August. This in itself is a source of controversy and confusion about Instagram advertising.

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO, said a lot in the latest Facebook earnings announcement:

Reels is already the primary driver of engagement growth on Instagram. It’s incredibly entertaining, and I think there is a huge amount of potential ahead. We expect this to continue growing and I am optimistic that this will be as important for our products as Stories is. We also expect to make significant changes to Instagram and Facebook in the next year to further lean into video and make Reels a more central part of the experience.”

Instagram has stated that new accounts, as well as accounts that frequently share content that violates the forum’s guidelines, will not have access to the link tag. This provides measures to limit the misuse of this option – although details of what qualifies as a “new” account have not been announced.

Instagram also notes that it is developing new ways to personalize the link sticker “so that it is clear what someone sees when they click on your link”. This can include a link preview element or similar, which can be another aspect to consider in your process.

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