It is a no-brainer that knowing the rules of your favorite online casino game isn’t enough to win in this industry, so we’re here to help you develop the best practices to increase your chances of winning financially – in the long run.

1. Research for best online casino game – and we couldn’t stress this enough

A wise casino gamer would first research for games that can be compatible with his available device, internet speed, time, and gaming strategy. The Internet era allows for this almost effortlessly as anyone can just easily read various casino reviews online in a few clicks. Checking out any pattern of positive or negative comments from other players greatly helps as you can take the learnings from first-hand experiences of these users.

2. Find games with a low house edge

House edge refers to a measure of how much a casino pays relative to what true odds would pay. Finding games with a low house edge means increasing your chances of winning at the optimum level.

For example, in craps, the simple one-roll “proposition bets” in the middle of the table are known to have a significantly higher house edge than the pass line bet. “Hopping the hard 10” (i.e. betting that the next roll will be a five and a five, which is harder to roll than a six and a four) pays 30:1. However, the true chance of a hard 10 occurring is 1/36. That means the casino is paying out less than what the bet is worth, and understandably, because that’s how a casino makes its money – but you now know exactly how to play these games to your optimal advantage.

3. Don’t chase losses

In online casinos, you will seldom see players that didn’t experience being in a downward spiral from the very beginning of a session, a scenario considered to be statistically normal. But what’s important is that you don’t lose your head and attempt to gain it all back quickly through bigger wagers, or higher risk bets when house edge is poor, a tactic called “tilt” in poker. Be mindful of when you are on a losing streak and realise that accepting such losses before being tempted to bet over your session bankroll is the best decision you can make.

4. Take advantage of bonuses

Missing out on free money is the worst scenario an online casino player can ever experience. Although some online casino sites require a small deposit that you can also use for future games, these incentives allow you to play without even expanding a single penny.

A combination of welcome, sign-up, and no deposit bonuses can provide you with extra bankroll to keep playing longer. Free bankroll is also an opportunity to try new games and perfect your strategies. But – and there’s a big but – pay close attention to any rules or requisites attached to the bonuses so you don’t waste your time playing for incentives which you are not qualified to collect.

5. Learn casino game strategies

You can never have too much information when playing a game of strategy for real money. As a famous saying goes, ‘knowledge is power’, and, needless to say, smarter players who know how to manage their bankroll and which moves to make at key betting opportunities beat less-informed players. Sometimes, for strategies to make sense, players become attentive to patterns or known statistical advantages.

6. Play casino games within your limits

While it is tempting to play for big jackpots, you must first know the limits of your skills and experience. If you are a new gambler, it is most likely that you are particularly susceptible to common pitfalls more experienced players know to avoid. Bigger stakes mean more pressure, and new gamblers should never ‘gamble’ with gambling or this could lead to a terrible mistake. Always set a limit for your wins and losses and strictly follow them to keep you in your comfort zone before you begin exploring out of it at a later time when you become more experienced.

7. Avoid Alcohol

Avoiding drinking while gambling is a common practice for more advanced online casino players who are playing to win real money as this enables them to remain alert and ready to make the best choices during the game as alcohol lowers your inhibitions and can influence you to take bigger risks you wouldn’t otherwise make with a clear head. And this is exactly the very reason why huge casinos in Las Vegas would give away alcohol to gamblers for free on the gaming floors.

8. Use free casino games

Many gambling sites will offer free casino games for players to try before playing for real money whose format is the same as for real money games, except gamblers win points instead of money. This enables players to practise and hone their skills or do trials for a new game, so odds become more to your advantage when playing for real money.

9. Find the best banking method

Sometimes, online casinos have their own preferred banking methods, so it’s important to consider this when choosing an online casino to play with. Some will even offer players better bonuses or lower withdrawal fees for certain types, such as cryptocurrency. It is also worth noting that other banking methods, such as bank transfer or cheque withdrawals, can take longer than other payment methods and can sometimes result in higher withdrawal fees from online casinos, so it is best to choose an online casino that offers the best deal for you and your winnings.

10. Quit while you’re winning

You read that right. When players hit a winning streak in online casino games, it’s normally tempting to continue betting in hopes of winning more and more, a strategy seen as giving you more risks that help. This is a common pitfall many players fall prey to, as it is more likely they will lose the money they just won in the long run. Set a budget and stick to it, even if you win over your budgeted amount.

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