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According to the Direct Marketing Association, you can expect a return on investment (ROI) of $ 38 for every $ 1 invested in email marketing.

This fact is the result of statistics made by Monatate (Digital Marketing Company). Based on analysis of more than 500 million shopping experiences. This has proven that email is the best source of converting that traffic, rather than combining search and social traffic.

Email is so powerful that it accounted for 25.1 percent of email sales in 2015, according to Black Friday (Start of the Christmas Shopping Season). This is the highest value of any traffic source and is much higher compared to 1.6% of sales by social media.

After all these facts, it is important to say that it is right or wrong to turn to email marketing. Statistics from Microsoft reveal that the average email user’s inbox consists of 50% newsletters and 20% social network updates. To help you get the most out of email marketing, I will share with you proven ways to do more effective email marketing.

From Subscriber to Segment

The traditional way to build an email list is to have the same signup form on all pages of your site, bring all users together and send them the same messages.

With this traditional approach, if you’re running a marketing blog, someone who wants to get more traffic and someone who wants to increase conversions will get the same message. Surely there has to be a better way for this!

By segmenting your subscribers, you should make sure you can only send relevant, targeted messages. Segmentation is so powerful that in one study, Marketing Sherpa proved that it is possible to increase conversion rates by up to 208% by sending targeted emails to segmented subscribers only, instead of sending the usual bulk and burst messages. Data from Mailchimp shows that targeted email campaigns result in 60% higher click-through rates.

Send Emails More Often

Most people email their lists on the weekend or once a month so they don’t bother their subscribers. But how effective is it? If you’re emailing this often, likely, your subscribers won’t remember you. There is a rule in marketing that says that on average, one in seven customers must see your offer at least 7 times to consider it.

Likewise, more email is always a good thing. UK insurance company Aviva has made big gains by increasing the frequency of sending emails. With this method, Aviva increased its e-mail revenue by 304% and insurance offers by 45%.

Encourage People to Join Your List

If you ask many people the quickest way to create an email list, they will respond with everything from investing in social media to well-designed forms and a clear and encouraging message. However, what is the fastest way to build an email list?


By offering an incentive, many people have consistently quadrupled the number of subscribers they receive. The incentive is so important that Flyte New Media has managed to increase its monthly subscriptions by 5,000% just by promoting it. The first message people used to sign up was “Join our mailing list”.

Give What’s Given

How many subscribers can you reach with exactly how many gifts? Josh Earl received a gift-giving email size increase of 3,418 percent for 200,000 subscribers in just 11 days. If you think you are making slow progress on the e-mail list and want to increase business, you can use the gift flowerpot to increase it.

Here are some tips for this;

  • Start by preparing something special to offer to your subscribers. It could be a paid product you own, a popular paid product in your business, or a widely recognized tool.
  • Make sure people require giveaways and sign up for your mailing list to participate in the promotion.
  • Automate the way you give these gifts. You can use a plugin like Kingsuma, Giveaways.
  • Provide the best blogs, posts, and influencers in your business, information, and sharing about campaigns.

Optimize Your Email for Mobile Devices

As a result of emails not optimized for mobile devices have been ignored and deleted. Research reveals that 65% of all emails are first opened on mobile devices and 75% are deleted if not opened on smartphones. What is the point of email marketing if 75% of your emails are deleted?

Here are some tips for optimizing your emails for mobile devices:

  • If possible, send your emails in plain text. If you must use a template, try using a responsive email template.
  • The effective mobile email goes beyond just sending mobile-friendly emails. Also, make sure the links in your emails are properly optimized for mobile devices.

Automate Your Email Marketing Devices

Automate your devices. Today, the importance of automation should be realized. Automation is so powerful that research shows it has caused emails to increase 8x, generate 6x more revenue, and increase conversions by up to 50%.

Currently, email marketing is more complex than sending the same email to everyone at once. With some email service providers, you can automate delivery based on where they clicked, time zone. Some email service providers continue to experiment with artificial intelligence to monitor people’s habits and optimize emails accordingly.

If your current email service provider does not offer automation features, make effective use of the automation features offered by your service provider or switch to a more sophisticated service provider.

Of course, this method must be applied skillfully. Its disproportionate application may result in people unsubscribing from their mailing lists.

But if done properly it will always increase conversions, revenues, and traffic.

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