Graphic design is the profession of those who believe in their imagination and love to swim in its vast seas. I think it wouldn’t be bad if we compare graphic designers to a group of friends who constantly get ideas from their environment but still do what they know. Did you know that he lived by constantly observing life, obsessed with the significant detail he saw around him and created wonders from that detail? However, the situation doesn’t always lead to the desired result. Sometimes the work you do is not liked, sometimes the designs you are stuck on are a situation that happens and is experienced in every line of business. Let’s take on a project you don’t want, whatever it is, I can hear you say. Graphic designers who love to be comfortable sometimes struggle to do the work that customers want. Here come the golden rules that you can easily deal with such situations and make you feel like a star!

1. The “Necessity” Status

Most of the time you do not feel comfortable with what you are doing and you wonder why you are dealing with this job when there is still better work to be done. (You can hear the cries of “My God, What Was My Sin” from İbrahimTatlıses) If you find it difficult to cope with such situations, you can manage them. Of course, it’s a natural reaction to think that you can do something more meaningful at that moment, but necessity brings it. The results of your work will directly affect you and your life. That’s why there is no explanation for ruining your life for a project job. In such cases, breathing exercises, a few minutes of breaks, and adaptations will connect you to your work more. Remember, your imagination is yours to let it rest well!

2. Dive Directly into Problems

Some days, some jobs are like Monday syndrome, never-ending. Postponing work, saying “I will get it done tomorrow” is often more difficult in the long run. As long as that job gets longer, you don’t feel like doing it endlessly. It is good to act quickly in such cases, get directly involved in the work and solve the problem fundamentally and achieve results in the short term.

If it is not a short-term project but a long-term project you are dealing with, you need to pay more attention, especially in teamwork. In such cases, never try to escape from the project. Of course, start a job when you are ready, but avoiding the distribution according to team management can be habit-forming. Instead, let your brain refresh and get down to business soon.

3. Let’s Play Games!

In fact, this simple way that many professional groups can use a job they do not want is often difficult. He avoids this method as if to say, “I can’t be happy by force”. The situation is not as difficult and as bad as you think. When you adapt to the game, it attracts you and even strangely increases your adaptability by attracting your attention. The game system can be a good way to discover how many minutes the program you use can be renewed, how many minutes a new design is founded or the fun parts of the programs you use in your design. Remember, it can be a more efficient process to get things done. With this game method, you can suddenly come across a genius idea in your business. Even if you think it is empty, you will be surprised at the result when you use this method.

4. If You Love to Explore, Find New Perspectives!

Being in a sunny mood all the time is not very realistic. The answer is simple. As long as you don’t attach serious meanings to what’s going on in your life, you won’t get too tired. You may be assigned a project you never wanted after a day where you accomplished a great job and even congratulated yourself. In such cases, a minimalist approach to life and not giving too much meaning to everything will bring you serious returns in your work and in your life. Try not to see the troubles that can’t be big for your life by looking from different windows, believe me, such a situation will take you out of that suffocating air and save you.

5. Value Your Work

You spend a long time working while using your imagination for design. Or you can create wonders in a short time. Sometimes you don’t like what you’re doing and you don’t even want to deal with it. Underneath all your seemingly worthless works, there is actually a great value. Aside from whether or not you are comfortable with a job that you have worked hard for, there is a serious workload under it in general terms. For this reason, never underestimate your work, project, or task. While a whole job is highly appreciated, the project you have worked on until the mornings may not yield the results you expect. In such cases, being aware of the value as a result of the effort you put into your business, instead of making decisions, will always send positive signals to your clear consciousness and increase your business performance.

Keeping your business in your hands by being aware of the golden rules, acting accordingly, and being aware of the value under every business will make you and provide great returns.

When faced with a job you don’t like, don’t panic. First of all, be aware of the necessity of the job for you. Open consciousness will always move you for the better. Give up procrastination, getting rid of it in the short term by taking care instead of prolonging the work will always bring you healthier results.

If you still can’t enjoy the project you’re doing and even if the hours are getting longer than the minutes, start playing. A good player is always more successful. Break the existing rules of the game and make your job more fun with new perspectives and never forget the value element while doing this job. The value will always make you stick to your work a little more and take care of it.

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