Today, the world celebrates the global kindness day.

As they said, you do not have to do great things and sacrifice a lot to be kind. As soon as we share our blessings with others, we spread goodness. With a simple smile, it can already make someone’s day.

Kindness can also be spread by helping others. Helping someone, no matter how small, truly makes a person feel good. Your little help, without expecting something in return, creates a big impact on one person. With a small kindness, you open a way to a better world.

The world in which kindness speaks first is heaven. People may forget what you said, but they never forget the impact you made on them. With kindness, you can never be wrong. Start now, be kind and share kindness.

  1. Help a friend with their work.
  2. Ask somebody who is by themselves to come and play.
  3. Let somebody go in front of you in the line.
  4. Bring flowers for a grown-up.
  5. Share your snack.
  6. Make a drink for somebody.
  7. Thank somebody.
  8. Give somebody a hug.
  9. Give some toys to a charity shop.
  10. Draw somebody a picture.
  11. Pick up litter.
  12. Read a story to somebody younger.
  13. Make a new friend.
  14. Help to wash somebody’s car.
  15. Help a grown-up with a job.
  16. Smile at people.
  17. Tidy your bedroom.
  18. Help somebody who has dropped something.
  19. Feed the birds.

Cover Credit: Dribbble @defacedstudio

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