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Terms Of Use

Your use, visit of and Dijimig and other products that provide service under (together “Dijimig”) and your membership to Dijimig are subject to the terms under Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

1. By using, visiting and signing up to Dijimig, you hereby accept the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

2. It is not mandatory to sign up for using and visiting Dijimig. However, for enjoying certain special contents, products and services, you need to sign up to Dijimig.

3. For signing up to Dijimig, it will be sufficient to click on “Sign Up” link and fill in your name, surname, address, password and other information that may be required or to register to the system with your Google, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn account.

4. You may sign up to Dijimig using one of your Google, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn accounts. You hereby allow Dijimig to access to information such as name, surname, e-mail address and work experiences in the account that you sign up with.

5. You may cancel your Dijimig membership at any time. You cannot re-activate your membership account after you cancel membership.

6. You hereby accept that Dijimig is entitled to cancel, temporarily or permanently suspend your membership and to delete the information inside your membership account.

7. You are responsible for the safety of the information recorded in your membership account and your account password. You are responsible for all ill-intentioned uses including unauthorized access to your account password by third persons and unlawful content sharing and comments to the contents in Dijimig by third persons.

8. While visiting and using Dijimig, you must act in accordance with the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, all terms of use and policies published and will be published by us and the Turkish Republic legislations, must not conduct actions that may prevent or complicate the use of Dijimig by other users and members or that would disrupt and or render the databases and serves unfunctional.

9. In case you act in violation with the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, you provide false or inaccurate information while using or signing up to Dijimig, your ill-intentioned use of Dijimig or if seen appropriate by Dijimig, your use of Dijimig may be blocked or your membership may be cancelled without showing any reason. We also reserve the right to apply to any legal procedures against such actions.

10. All contents including photographs, description, method, code, software, operation, design, logo, image, text and Dijimig, and brands and the domain, sub domains and all intellectual and industrial property rights related to all pages belong to Dijimig Ltd. that Dijimig belongs to (“us”, “we”, “our”) or the licenses related to the use thereof were taken from the owners of the rights in accordance with the law. Therefore; the said contents cannot be used, published, processed, reproduced, distributed, benefitted through representation, publicized using devices for transmitting sign, audio and/or images without taking our written consent. Otherwise, we reserve the rights to commence all legal and penal processes and make any claims.

11. While we show great effort in order to prevent Dijimig from containing any viruses and other harmful content and we shall have no responsible from any damage to your devices or software and any other damage you may incur in the event that you face technical issues or your devices being exposed to viruses or you incur any damage for any other reason. We suggest that you take the necessary precautions in order not to incur these damages.

12. We shall have no responsibility in the event of any data loss with no regards to the cause thereof.  It is your responsibility to reenter the lost datas. Therefore; we suggest that you take your own precautions in order to protect your data.

13. We may change, temporarily or permanently terminate Dijimig, product and service structure in Dijimig at any times without notifying you in advance.

14. We give importance to the continuity of the publication of the content, service, opportunity and other elements in Dijimig. However, we do not guarantee that the publication and / or the services provided through Dijimig will be uninterrupted.

15. If you wish to be notified about what’s new, campaigns and advertisement and announcements on other matters in Dijimig, you may subscribe to or un-subscribe from the e-mail newsletters from “Setting” tab by accessing your Dijimig membership account.

16. We will show maximum diligence regarding safekeeping your data. However, we shall have no responsibility in the event that the system, in which your data are maintained are unauthorized, that your information are acquired, changed or deleted by disrupting or changing the system operation.

17. We may include information and links to the websites belonging to third persons in Dijimig, advertisements in Dijimig or our promotional posts. In the event that you click these links and enter other websites, this Terms of Use and Privacy Policy shall not be applied thereto since these websites or the applications of these websites are not under our control. Therefore; we suggest that you review the terms of use and privacy policy of the websites and and applications that you visit.

18. In order to provide you with better and more personalized services, cookies, javascript codes for analysing website usage data and similar tracking data may be placed to your devices during your stay in Dijimig. However these consist of simple text files and do not include identity and other private information.

19. We collect the e-mail address, name and surname, company information and similar data that you directly share while using Dijimig and maintain them for a period necessary to provide services and products. We maintaining your IP address, visited pages and similar log information and similar data automatically as anonymous while you use Dijimig. From the data that we collect automatically, we maintain your IP address as long as the legal duration and other data as long as necessary for our services.

20. As data controller, we process your personal data for the performance of Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, for providing you with better and personalized services, for carrying out our obligations under all relevant legislation primarily the Law on Regulation of Electronic Commerce No 6563, Law on Regulation on the Internet Publications and Combatting Against Crimes Committed Through These Publications no 5651, Law on Protection of Personal Data no 6698 (“LPPD”).

21. By sending e-mail to info(at), you are entitled to the following with regards to your personal data; a) to learn whether your personal data is processed, b) to request information regarding the personal data if they are processed, c) the purpose of processing personal data and whether these are used in accordance with the purpose, d) request the correction of personal data should they be processed inaccurately or incompletely, e) request that your personal data are deleted or destroyed under the terms foreseen in LPPD art. 7, f) request being notified about the transactions conducted under sub-paragraphs (d) and (e), about the third persons to whom the personal data is transferred, g) object to a detrimental outcomes by analysis of the processed data exclusively by automated systems, h) request compensation of the damage should he/she incur any due to unlawful processing of personal data.

22. We are obligated to share your personal information with competent authorities should a duly issued request is received from these authorities under the applicable legislation.

23. England Law shall be applied in the resolution of the disputes arising from the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy, and shall have jurisdiction thereto.

24. Since the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy may be updated by Dijimig without providing any notice to you, we suggest that you review the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy each time you use Dijimig.

Last updated on: 01.08.2021

Dijimig Ltd.

Address: 201i 5300 Lakeside Cheadle Royal Business Park United Kingdom SK8 3GP

E-mail: info(at)

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Dijimig© 2016-2021 All Rights Reserved.


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