This new vehicle is suitable for those who love adventure and excitement. If you are one of them, do not miss this unique and functional design. Tesla’s Cyberlandr is perfect for desert as well as urban adventures.

The Cybertruck RV mod, known as Cyberlandr, is committed to turning all-electric vans into cramped but spacious neighborhoods. Until now, Cyberlandr was just an idea with over $50 million worth in pre-orders and imminent production status. Now, Tesla has released images of its first application prototype, showing how Cybertruck can become your cyber home.

Cyberland intends to turn the cyber truck into an adventure car. Converting the massive battery-powered electric collector from a mode of transportation to living spaces isn’t easy, but Cyberlandr is designed to be compact enough to fit in, making a bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, and office when placed. Even Ilan Mask gave his approval to Cyberlandr in early July.Indeed this mysterious and futuristic design is very useful for those who are crazy with aff roading and camping all over the earth.

“Debuting a functional prototype is a terrific step for CyberLandr and also for Tesla’s Cybertruck because it transforms a Cybertruck into a Lifestyle Vehicle. It also transforms the camper and RV experience by giving users the technology and comfort they expect, while still being able to fit in a normal parking space or a drive-thru,” Lance King, CEO of AI and real-time analytics for Stream It, Inc, the Cyberlandr’s parent company, said.

He also announced that the launch promotion, which saves buyers at least $ 5,000, will end on September 30, so place your order soon!Home is where you are, with Cyberlandr you can take your home wherever you go.

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