These Mac tips and tricks will change the way you work. Are you looking for great Apple Mac tips and tricks? Then you’ve come to the right place. Whether it’s an iMac, Mac mini, MacBook Pro, or Air, there’s always something new to discover. Here you can see some of these great mac tips and tricks, which we believe, you probably didn’t know to exist so keep on reading.

09- Doing More with Spotlight

Spotlight isn’t just for finding files and launching apps. It can also save you from opening Safari when you need to do a quick calculation or conversion. For example, if you press Command+Space and then type “GBP in USD 999”, Spotlight will calculate the currency for you; If you type “68F” it will convert to Celsius, and if you type “1249/36” it will calculate the monthly cost of buying a new 24-inch iMac over three years.

08- Sign Your Name

Need to sign a document? No problem: If you have a Mac laptop or Magic Trackpad, you can manually sign PDFs on the trackpad. Open the document in Preview, click the highlighted logo next to the search box, and then look for the signature icon. Select Create Signature and you are ready to sign with your finger pdf sign.

07- Make Secret Notes

Keychain is a great password manager, but it’s also a great place to keep secure notes that no one can access. Start Keychain Access and then click File – New Safenote Item. Once saved, the note is password protected so only the title is visible.

06- Ask It to Read to You

When this feature is enabled in System Prefs Accessibility Verbal Content, you can highlight text and have your Mac read it to you by pressing å+œ. This feature is great for writers and for having a short break.

05- Create a Meme

Internet memes are visual jokes for all ages and genders, and they’re easy to create on your Mac, even if you don’t have a photo editing app installed. For example, you can open an image in Preview. The only thing you have to do is to go to the Highlight toolbar, and then paste text on it. Change the font in Impact for this all-important meme look, then save the image or export it as appropriate.

04- Send Backgrounds To The Bin

You don’t need an image editor to remove backgrounds or paste someone from Photo A to Photo B: All you need is Preview. If you want to get rid of anything with a certain color, you can go to the Markup Toolbar, select the Instant Alpha icon – it looks like a magic wand – and simply click and drag the color you want. transparent.

If you want to copy a person or object from one photo to another, change the Selection tool on the Selection toolbar to Smart Lasso and then trace the person or object you want to copy. You don’t have to worry about accuracy; Preview analyzes the image to find the outline of the object or person.

03- Use Your Other Devices Like Cameras or Scanners

Since the release of Mojave and iOS 12, your Mac can use an ingenious feature called Continuity Camera. This feature lets you use the camera on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad directly from your Mac: you can take a photo and add it to your Keynote presentation, or scan a document and embed it in Pages.

You need the appropriate iOS or iPadOS device that uses the same Apple ID as your Mac, and both the device and your Mac must have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled. You have to Control-click anywhere in your document (in the Finder, the Desktop, or Control-click in the Finder window) and choose Import From iPhone or iPad. In some apps, this option is called “Paste” instead of “Import”, but it’s the same thing.

02- Put Multiple Files in One PDF

You can send a collection of images or PDFs as a single PDF. Open one of the files, press Command+Shift+Option+S to open the Save As dialog, and save the file as PDF. Now go from Add Files to Edit Page to add other PDFs or images. You can reorder them in the thumbnail sidebar, and if you want to annotate your pages, all you have to do is go to the Markup toolbar and add or scribble text boxes. When it’s done, save your document and use the Share icon to send it to the desired recipient. You can also extract individual pages from PDFs. While holding down the Ctrl key, click the page thumbnail and select “Export As” and You can now export this page as a PDF or image file.

01- Copying Between Devices

Universal clipboard copies from your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch to your Mac and vice versa. Provided both devices use the same Apple ID, it’s just a matter of copying to one and pasting instantly to the other, e.g. you can simply copy a link or text from Safari on your phone and paste it into Pages on your Mac.

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