Today, the Tinder app has launched some new features to serve Gen Z, which according to their press release includes more than half of their users. Now, this app looks very similar to TikTok and Snapchat. Some of these features are as follows.

Videos in profiles

Tinder wants to use the feature of the popular TikTok algorithm to bring “persons real energy” to the program by placing the video in its profile. With this feature Tinder turns into a “multidimensional experience”.

A social experience called “Hot Takes”

Hot Takes offers Swipe Night, an interactive adventure game selected by the app itself, and Vibes, a question, and answer game to test your compatibility with other users. More than 20 million Tinder users participated in Swipe Night, while Vibes led to more contests and likes, prompting developers to create similar events.

Tinder Adds a Explore page

For the first time, Tinder introduced a whole new section called the Explore page. Simulation is more like discovering Snapchat than exploring Instagram. Here, members can view potential contests with similar interests (or interests, as they are called on Tinder) and see different aspects of the program, such as festival mode or the new chef mode, where users who love cooking Are able to demonstrate their skills.

Tinder as a young generation of data moves to the app, Tinder wants to offer features that match their values to stay on the front line. 2020 was the busiest year for Tinder, due to the pandemic. Time will tell whether these new features encourage more messages and adaptation.

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