This will be great news for many Instagram creators. Last September, Instagram added a new automatic captioning option that improves IGTV uploads, and expanded the option to Stories this year in May, allowing users to easily add on-screen text to video frames

With the addition of captions, the number of views on Instagram would increase rapidly which can be a very important feature for influencers. It allows them to communicate with more viewers. Moreover, this feature appeals especially to people who are deaf or have low hearing ability because they can watch videos and tutorials more easily. In this way, they can easily understand the video content by reading the subtitles. This feature provides accessibility for all and that is very valuable.

You can now add a caption sticker to Stories (coming soon to Reels) that will automatically convert what you say into text. Now Instagram wants to make automatic captions available for regular broadcast posts as well, the exchange says, which can be a great support.

It’s very helpful on the bus or in a public place when you’re in a crowded place. İn this way you can understand the whole video. This will also reduce the workload of the creators and take their work to the next level because they no longer have to add the subtitles themselves and hard code the video clip. In just one click, all the work is done.

This would be a useful addition for both creators and viewers as everyone will be able to see it soon, something that will impact your Instagram content planning!

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