Why Companies Should Take “Communicating With Customers Through Social Media” Seriously

According to a report released by social media software producer Sprout Social, it is not enough for companies to just post ads on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media. If consumers see brands on social media sites, it was revealed that they expect you to engage directly with them, and this, perhaps, is the most important deciding factor on what to select from the vast alternative products and/or services in the industry. When you communicate with customers, you build their trust, which has a higher potential of being translated into sales.

This spring, Sprout Social surveyed nearly 1,000 consumers and marketers about their marketing goals and consumer expectations. For example, when consumers were asked what makes a brand best in class on social media, nearly half (47%) said brands should provide strong customer service, making it on the top priority list. When marketers asked the same question, only a third (35%) rated good customer service as a sign of a brilliant social media presence. Five other action items ranked higher.

Direct communication with customers can be the most important aspect of the job. The ability to communicate well with customers directly impacts sales as they feel they are valued and given the right attention they deserve. If the customer is torn between two similar products, customer service will choose the company which consistently and actively responds to their queries and concerns delivered through social media. In this way, they are happier and more satisfied both with their purchase and with the customer service and attention they receive.

Below are statistics on social responsibility in various industries. Where does your company stand in the competition? Does your company track such resonance statistics? Bear in mind, customers pay attention.

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