To further improve the user experience and improve its quality, Instagram has stepped-up its game from a mere photo-sharing app by recently adding many cool new features. Below we give you all those new features which are soon to be released to the public.

1. Interest-based search

This allows users to search for specific interests or topics instead of pages or accounts. By searching for interest, Instagram primarily displays posts, accounts, pages, or other related information in the field, and offers custom search options. This way, you can easily find the pages in your favorite category.

Instagram chief Adam Mosseri, however, says that the interest-based search is only available in certain regions at the moment and supports only a handful of languages. However, he adds that the company is planning to release the feature for global users as soon as possible.

2. Sell NFT sets

In addition to improving its search capabilities, Instagram has been reported to soon add a new feature that allows users to sell NFTs on the platform. If you do not know what NFT is, it stands for non-fungible tokens which are based on blockchain that indicate ownership of a digital or collectible item.

It was reportedly to be called Collectibles and users will be able to bid on them. With this, however, Instagram has not yet officially announced other details of the new feature.

3. Like buttons for stories

Instagram also wants to work on the Like button for Stories. Currenly, if you are watching someone’s story on the platform, you will only find the share button in the lower right corner.

4. Add music to played posts

Recently, Instagram also tested the new “Add Music” button on its upload page. It allows users to add their favorite music to an image or video before sharing it in the timeline.

5. Instagram Fan Club

In addition to adding more interactive elements to its app, Instagram plans to introduce a new feature for the “Fan Club”, dedicated for content creators. This allows Instagram influencers to create a private subscription-based community such as Twitter Super Follows or OnlyFans.

6. Set the 24-hour status

As reported in August, Instagram is working on adding 24-hour status to its platform. Temporary status is visible to followers who follow you for the specified limit and is automatically deleted later.

7. Account status report

Instagram is also working on adding a new Health Account section so users can get a clear picture of their account status. This app shows all your past topics, deleted user posts and gives you information on how to do so. In addition, with this new feature, users can easily request Instagram to review posts which for them may have been reported-down incorrectly or unjustly.

8. Search for messages in the chat

Apart from these, Instagram also intends to add a search function to the chats on its platform. This way, you can easily find messages by searching for some key words in your conversation.

The above are some of the most interesting and useful features that Instagram is currently working on. However, no matter how excited we are, it is not yet clear which one will be available for the first time, at what time, and in which countries.However, Instagram may make some of these features available to users globally until later so we all need to stay tuned.

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