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Casino Reviews

Here is a list of the best resources for online casinos, including betting games and gambling sites. So be comfortable and drink your tea while reading the reviews of these different online platforms and grab your free spins, bonuses, and all attractive features for all of them! The reviews are complete and up to date and you may access them via the link provided below.

How Online Casino Reviews Work
Every day, thousands of bettors search our site for the best online casinos and rely on available casino reviews on our site. It is our responsibility to help bettors find the best gambling experience seriously, which is why we use our special rating system to combine all legitimate casino reviews online. All casino reviews listed on our page are evaluated and rated by Dijimig experts, combined with player casino reviews, and sorted using a specialized rating system called CasinoRank.

What is CasinoRank?
CasinoRank is a specialized rating system which sorts both experts and novice players casino reviews worldwide.

Ranking by Player Reviews
Testimonials by actual first-hand players are valuable for finding patterns of complaints against an online casino and any good or positive casino review points alike, while some casino reviews will also flag any unfair terms and conditions straightaway.

CasinoRank: Most Important Criteria Explained
Our casino reviews consider the following most important factors for a casino: Credibility, User Experience, Variation of Games, Premiums and Bonuses, and Extras.

Withdrawal Timeframes & Pending Time
In our casino reviews, we check for fast and effective withdrawals times and whether pay-outs can occur on weekends. Ideally, the casinos you should consider are those that do pay-outs within 24-hour timeframe.

The timeframe for pay-outs and withdrawals varies according to the casino payment options chosen. While most online casino sites process withdrawals within 24 hours, it’s essential to remember that the bank also plays a significant role in processing payments. Any delays can be outside the online casinos’ control. The time your pay-out takes can also be affected by the payment method you are using. Players using e-Wallets, debit cards and cryptocurrency to gamble online will generally find a much shorter pay-out time than players using bank transfers or credit cards.

Deposit & Withdrawal Methods
If an online casino only offers obscure deposit options, then further research is needed. Make sure it clearly states any withdrawal/deposit requirements, and pay-out speeds, before depositing funds. In our casino reviews, we specifically highlight which casinos has the best deposit and withdrawal methods or options available.

Live Chat Support
Online casinos should offer quality 24/7 support either through live chat, email and/or free telephone option. Service should also be conducted in a swift and friendly manner by well-trained customer support specialists.

In our casino reviews, we can spot low quality online casinos by talking directly with their customer support assistance or by actual experiences by other players. If an online casino never responds to your message or takes weeks to reply, this is a red flag for a bad service, and you need to find a different gambling site. More importantly, any new players should never be left alone when it comes to online gambling, as they may have technical issues and problems at any time.

Gaming Software
If we are speaking of online casinos with real money by actual players all over the world, it has to be powered only by trusted and reputable software providers such as Microgaming, Playtech, NetEnt, Novomatic, etc., which also offer a wide variety of quality casino games.

In our casino reviews, we also check to see if these casinos offer both instant plays, and whether they are available in mobile and in downloadable formats. Our casino reviews also include testing most of the casino software providers by reading users’ comments and playing their games first-hand.

To be able to be played, players must understand fully the language being used. In our casino reviews, we also highlight which of these available casinos speak your language as we know that every player must feel comfortable in the medium of expression all the games are being played so we understand how important this factor is for every casino player.

LicencesThe license and jurisdiction in which the online casino operates play a very important role in the decision-making process of each player, so we seriously consider this in our casino reviews. While there are multiple regulators in the casino sphere, two of the most respected ones are the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission whose primary role is to ensure that players are safe when gambling online and to protect them from any malpractices that might leave them vulnerable. It’s safe to say that most online casinos regulated by the MGA and the UKGC are trustworthy.

To name a few of those gambling licenses we recommend: MGA (Malta); UKGC (United Kingdom); GSC (Isle of Man); Kahnawake (Canada); and Curaçao (Curaçao). Any reputable online casino will have this information displayed on its homepage. If in doubt, you can search for the casino on the regulatory body’s license register.

Legit online casinos operate on Random Number Generator (RNG) software and offer fair return-to-player (RTP) percentages. Out of the thousands of trustworthy casinos online, a few come up short. Whether it’s scamming your winnings from you, selling your details, or using questionable practices, our casino reviews highlights the casinos with one or multiple verified complaints and which you should not trust. Any online casino found engaging in these practices during our casino review process is added to our list of blacklisted casinos.

UX & Design
A unique casino UX & Design also keeps players engaged and determined to win. In our casino reviews, we also give importance to casinos with out-of-the-box and extraordinarily engaging background design and effects and in our casino reviews gives our views on which are worth considering in your options.

Rating Casinos by Player Reviews
Ratings provided by actual players are valuable for finding patterns of preferable online casinos which exhibit above and beyond services and security for future players. In this aspect, our job to help compile all legitimate player ratings in our casino reviews which provided for every casino which will serve as your reference in your selection process of the best casino in the market you should patronage.

Player Ratings
Ratings provided by actual players are valuable for finding patterns of preferable online casinos which exhibit above and beyond services and security for future players. In this aspect, our job to help compile all legitimate player ratings in our casino reviews which provided for every casino which will serve as your reference in your selection process of the best casino in the market you should patronage.

Player Reviews
We have the responsibility to look out for the betting community. For this reason, we rely significantly on actual first-hand player experiences. We don’t just stop with receiving player casino reviews, these feedback are further checked and verified by our team in order to arrive and present you the most legitimate casino reviews provided to help you decide which casinos are the best option for you.

Online Casino Terms and Conditions
Online Casino Terms and ConditionsPlayer testimonials are also valuable for finding patterns of complaints against an online casino, while casino reviews will flag any unfair terms and conditions straightaway. So, if you experience any issues with an online casino or gambling site, tell us below and we’ll help in investigating the problem and add the online casino review to our unpreferred list, if found guilty.

How Can You Rate a Casino?
In rating a casino or doing a casino review, we don’t just look at the casino name. But rather, in the past years of testing online casinos, Dijimig have investigated further into all its features. By doing this, we’ve managed to compile a helpful casino review guide that will help players find the top online real money casinos along with the most amazing games on offer.

Our casino review testing includes intense and in-depth standard quality benchmark to ensure that those who did not meet the minimum standards will not make it on our most preferred casino list. Unfair wagering requirements, unclear terms and conditions and delayed pay-outs are some few clear red flags that would disqualify a casino in our list and will be included in our casino reviews.

Browse Our List of Casino Reviews & Choose The Best Casino
Our website has been created to share the best online casino reviews, including bonuses, slot games selection, and general gameplay experience. Our team applies true and fair view in all our casino reviews and discloses all possible problems and downside we have experienced when gambling online. We can’t ensure the honesty of every casino that’s why we are so committed to our work in providing you – as a passionate player and gambler – the best casino options available in the market that suits your needs and preferences.

Casino Promotions
When you sign up to a casino through Dijimig and become a member of our community, you can have access and take part in our exclusive casino promotions which includes new casino game launch-promos, brand new casino releases, guessing competitions, casino bonus hunts, casino giveaways, and many more! For current, and previous promotions, you can always header over to Dijmig casino profile pages to discover more of available casino promotions for you.

Browse Online Casinos by Country & Category
Our compilation of best online casinos on this page shows you what casino options you have available for you, in your country of residence. You will also find a drop-down list on the left-hand side of the page located on top of the list above to locate casinos based on country of jurisdiction.

Navigation options for these casinos may include new online casinos or those casinos that are most recently launched; most preferred casinos on the market; live dealer casinos or casino brands with the best selection of live games; no account casinos where an option allows for instant no account player registrations, and instant casino deposits and withdrawals; and online casino reviews where you can find a compilation of casino reviews based on legitimate casino reviews by our team and actual players.

What You Ought To Do When Looking For Casinos To Play At
You will find casinos almost everywhere, but there are a few things that you need to do and consider before signing up to any casino online, all for your security and safety. You do have alternatives if it turns out your last registration was a miss, yet, you need to be mindful that any casino who do any of the following is a huge red flag:

1. Closure of your casino account without pre-warning whatsoever;
2. Unable to withdraw winnings due to one or multiple level of restrictions;
3. Poor casino customer service support;
4. Your funds get confiscated and the reason provided for is vague or unfair.

Read Online Casino Reviews
Casino reviews are great when researching online casinos, at it will lead you to which of your options are the best and legitimate and which casinos are to avoid at all cost. We also recommend that you either read or ask about the casino you want to know more about in our forum.

Check If It’s Licensed
A casino which is licensed and regulated provides you with additional comfort that it offers nothing but legitimate games and prizes and that they play fair. Some well-known and serious regulatory bodies for casinos online include the following:

1. MGA (The Malta Gaming Authority)
2. UKGC (UK Gambling Commission)
3. SGA (Swedish Gambling Authority)
4. DGA (Danish Gambling Authority)

Use Common Sense
Common sense will get you a long way before you go ahead and register for a casino player account. You should care about whether both your personal and financial details are safe. Getting your money when you request a withdrawal, for a regulated casino with an active customer service that responds to queries, and that you are given access to responsible gambling tools are nothing but bare minimums to consider for casino. Bonus offers and variation of games comes secondary.

Warning Signs To Look Out For
For casinos, there are also a couple of warning signs to look out for and that you need to be aware of. If you come across any of these, carefully consider thinking twice before you do your casino registration.

1- Unacceptably low withdrawal limits – This implies that the casino struggles with cash flow. Imagine you win a jackpot in the millions, only to discover you can’t withdraw more than €/$500 per week?
2- Not being able to try casino games without creating a casino account/logging in first – This isn’t – again – a guarantee that the casino is bad, but historically some casinos have used this tactic to hide that they’re using pirated games.
3- Difficult or unclear way of setting deposit limits – Responsible gambling is a serious topic on all legitimate and serious online casinos. If the casino doesn’t make it easy for you to set limits on deposits, sessions, and allow self-exclusion, then you need to steer away.
4- Generally little to no casino tools to assist you with – sometimes this is even coupled with poor customer service response.
5- Significant withdrawal pending time – Putting it in writing that they won’t start to process your withdrawal before e.g. 48 hours is a huge, red flag! It’s a tactic used to stall, where the aim is that you cancel your withdrawal(s) and lose your money back to the casino.
6- Openly allowing VPNs – If a casino isn’t allowed to market towards or offer their service in a specific region or different countries, there’s a reason for that. It’s clearly stated in the terms and conditions of every serious casino there is. Openly allowing VPNs allows you to circumvent this, and it can at any time be used against you to lock your account and seize your funds.
7- Being able to play with real money with no personal details added to the account – If the casino doesn’t know who you are, but gladly takes your money, don’t think you’ll ever get your money back. Also, any casino not complying with Know Your Customer practices are the same ones that go down due to anti-money laundering and terrorist funding laws.
8- Curacao license – A warning sign, but not necessarily and automatically bad for a casino. Always do your research on casinos that are on a Curacao license. Words travel fast when they’re bad, and this is where our forum is your best friend.

Mobile Casinos
According to statista, excluding tablets, mobile devices have consistently accounted for just above 50% of the world’s internet traffic since 2017 – and it keeps on increasing.

Casinos today no longer separate between a desktop – and a mobile product, but rather they focus on streamlining the user experience so that players can enjoy all the casino games regardless of device used. The only key difference between these is that desktop users have more space versus a mobile or tablet screen.

Online eSports Reviews
Over the last five years, esports have become so much popular that top esports betting sites have raised their bars. At Dijimig, we have a full team of experts focusing in in-depth reviews of the best esports betting sites available in the market, with the aim of doing the job of finding the best esports betting site available which you preferred.

Esports Betting – What You Need To Know
Some of the rising esports names as of today are CS:GO, Dota 2, League of Legends, Overwatch and Fortnite, which also became so much famous esports household names, with an almost never-ending list of esports action packed tournaments and esports leagues on offer either locally or internationally. Many bookmakers now offer markets on which supporters can place on esports bets.

Betting on esports matches is growing just as fast – if not faster – than esports itself. Before, esports was considered as an informal system of wagering conducted primarily between friends and acquaintances, but now, esports quickly blossoms into an industry where hundreds of millions of dollars are betted in esports on an annual basis by millions of players coming from nearly every country around the world. Dijimig gives you the chance to explore esports betting and provide you with not only legitimate, but also the safest and most secured esports betting providers available today.

With significant growth in esports comes with it quite a great deal of uncertainty among people interested in betting on esports. Even if you’re quite a pro with the game being played, the world of betting on esports game may still appear to be a completely new arena to you. And if you’re more of an enthusiast than a devout gamer, you might have questions on both the esports game side and the esports betting side.

Dijimig provides an exhaustive compilation of FAQ designed to respond to all of the fundamental questions and concerns that a typical esports bettor like you may have before betting money and get comfortable on an esports betting scene. However, if you think we miss out on an important point, feel free to contact us via our social media accounts or through email with your suggestions for additional items or revisions to the currently available esports betting FAQs. In addition, you might like to have any additional information on the facts and opinions listed on our site.

What Should I Look For In An eSports Betting Bookmaker?
We understand the it is not so straightforward when in comes to choosing an online esports book to place your esports bets. Questions such as Can I trust the site? How good are their prices for esports bets? What promotional value do they offer? What kind of bets can I place on esports matches? – may arise.

What Kind of Bets Can I Place on eSports?
Currently, the quality and quantity of available bets on esports may vary significantly from one esports betting sportsbook to another esports betting sportsbook. The most popular form of betting currently is match betting, a betting based on the outcome of a match or another broader event. But some of the leading esports sportsbooks in the space – including Buff bet, Rivalry, and ArcaneBet sites – are now considering having “live” esports betting or “in-play” esports betting, which are esports bets offered and made on events within the match itself.

The most complex to develop and maintain in traditional esports are in-play markets, and it will likely take a bit of time before robust live betting options are available for a wide array of esports events at a wide array of esports books.

Also, users should also consider quantity because not all esports books offer odds on all events. Some bookmakers such as Bet365, 22Bet, TonyBet and Betway – are rapidly increasing their cover, while 888Sport, Unibet and Mr Green appear to be taking a wait-and-see or an ‘observe’ approach to fill out their esports betting tab.

Who Regulates eSports Betting?
Currently, there is no central regulatory body regulating esports, although there are a few leagues and entities – such as ESL – that cooperate this to a certain extend. But as esports continues to grow, it is not impossible to see a huge development in terms of its regulation in the coming years, if not months, to come, although the global nature of esports activity obviously will complicate that undertaking to some degree.

On the other end, when it comes to betting operators regulation, the answer may vary from one esports operator to another as every esports operator is regulated by the jurisdiction or country within which it is located, and may also be subject to further regulation based on the countries or jurisdiction that it serves. There are several most common licensing hubs for online gambling, including the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, Malta Gaming Authority, and the Isle of Man.

Can I Trust eSports?
Before answering whether you can trust an esports, you would need to do some basic checks and tests. But worry not, because Dijimig will assist you in every step of the way.

Always the primary check is the test of regulation. This means checking which jurisdiction issued the license for the online esports book which you can usually find on the esports website footer. If the jurisdiction does not appear to be familiar to you, you need to do further research. Obviously in addition, if there have been previous issues with actual players for those esports sites regulated under a specific jurisdiction, it won’t take you rocket science to uncover them – Google definitely will help you do this. If you already know some online gambling or esports brands, check where are they licensed. Also, check what are some of the other esports sites the jurisdiction licenses you are familiar with.

After the regulation check, you need to perform the so-called test of social proof. This deals with what are actual people past players saying about the esports site on social media and on esports review sites, and what kind of availability and accessibility does the esports site offer in terms of esports social media accounts and esports customer support. By doing this, you can definitely segregate and differentiate those esports sites that are credible between those that are unsecured and just wants to get hold of your money unfairly.

The third and the last test is the test of experience. You can always want to check and experience an esports site first before deciding to either let go of it or bet with all your fortune. Always remember that starting small at an esports sportsbook can also give you a small risk of losing what you have. You can always make the minimum deposit and place the minimum bet required by the esports site. If you encounter any questions or problems along the way, you can always pose them to customer support service and decide on the quality and sincerity of their response and actions. If you don’t like anything about your experience, then you know what to do next. There are literally a bunch of esports other operators that would be happy to have you.

How Do I Know Matches Are Fair And On The Level?
The question of fairness in esports play is a legitimate and growing one. There have already been several high-profile accusations of match-fixing with esports, including some that approach the highest levels of the sport. Bettors have little reason to risk money on the outcome without some assurance that the game being played is fair and square.

There are basically some pointers to help you ensure and affirm the fairness of esports matches. This includes growth of esports prize pools. As more money is on the line for winning competitions, the appeal of a financial incentive to throw matches diminishes. Secondly is the entrance of traditional sportsbooks. Fighting fraud is one of the primary occupations of major online sportsbooks like bet365. As they enter the market for esports wagering, they bring their substantial resources and expertise to bear on the problem of esports match-fixing. Third consideration is Increased regulation. With increased prize pools and betting comes increased attention and regulation. Both increase the risk associated with match-fixing and decrease the ability of match-fixers to hide in plain sight.

Like traditional sports leagues, esports also have independent commissions checking and opining on fair esports games. One example is the Esports Integrity Commission which was founded in 2016 to investigate all cases of cheating, doping, and match-fixing. The best betting sites look to the ESIC for unclear cases at all esports competition levels, including, GG.Bet and Luckbox. The ESIC’s partnerships include many esports tournament hosts themselves, like DreamHack, BLAST Pro Series and the Electronic Sports League. Governmental gambling commissions in the Isle of Man, Nevada, and the United Kingdom also work with ESIC to verify the integrity of pro esports matches.

The ESIC has doled out bans at the highest level of esports, and developers trust their investigations. The CS:GO Coach Bug scandal of 2020 was first revealed by the ESIC and resulted in almost 40 Counter-Strike esports coaches being banned from the sport. These names included the coaches of big teams like FaZe Clan, Natus Vincere, and Ninjas in Pyjamas. After the event, these esports coaches were banned from any partner esports events, betting sites and tournament hosts worldwide following the ESIC’s rulings.

We can’t deny the fact the fairness of esports is the specific concern of many, if not all, traditional sports bettors. That’s completely understandable because esports is a totally new form of entertainment which continuously evolve, and the lack of physicality can make unfair play less clear. With this being said, esports matches are on the same level as the NFL or NBA when it comes to match integrity. In addition, there’s plenty of incentive for esports teams with larger prize pools and more viewers than ever because of esports’ ever increasing social media presence as a result of rapidly growing esports industry and the development of esports regulatory commissions. Undeniably today, one can make esports bets with the same confidence as traditional sports bets.

How To Bet On eSports: Making a Simple Wager
A badly designed esports betting site is a big no-no for an esports bettor so Dijimig ensures that you get to play at the best esports betting site whilst appreciating the esports betting site design so you just find it easy to pick the esports event or esports site that you want to place your bets on.

You should also find it easy to register with a bookmaker. Obviously, you’ll need to check that the bookie is officially regulated, but it’s also a good idea to see which esports betting site offers a great welcome bonus which usually can take the form of a free bet or even an esports matched deposit offer. After that, it should be easy to mark your esports selection on the esports website’s betting slip for the esports event, which means that you are only placing money on who you expect to win that particular esports match.

In esports betting, odds are commonly presented in a decimal format, but some sites will allow you to switch to fractional or American format as you prefer, so for esports UK betting, if you bet £10 on esports Evil Geniuses to win the next Dota 2 competition at odds of 1.9, with decimal odds, it means that you would win £19 including your original stake. It’s also easy to see how it could apply to esports betting in Canada, Australia, the US and others. To look for in the site design of all good esports bookmakers, you must consider intuitively designed and good-looking esports website and apps, fast loading times and glitch-free performance, and esports which are simple to navigate on a laptops, smartphones and tablets alike.

Which eSports Betting Site Has The Fastest Payouts?
The most preferred esports bookmakers provides you with a lot of number of deposit and withdrawal options such as the well-recognised credit and debit card companies like MasterCard and Visa, in addition to a variety of E-wallet options like Neteller and Skrill. You should however note that there are also a growing number of esports betting sites that accept PayPal as well.

Choosing which payment method to use for your esports betting is usually a matter of personal preference but you should keep in mind the fact that each payment method is usually accompanied by different conditions regarding the limits on how much you can deposit and withdraw at one time.

In addition, it’s worth to note that certain payment methods can take longer to clear than others – and this becomes one of the main reasons why so many people starts to try esports betting with Bitcoin. Many newbies to esports betting have chosen to use payment methods like Paysafecard as a way of keeping a sensible limit on their betting but regardless of what method you use, esports betting should only be carried out in a responsible and safe manner. Some of the most common ways that you can fund your bets at esports betting sites include Visa, MasterCard, and Maestro for Cards; PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, and EcoPayz for Ewallets; Paysafecard, and Neosurf for Prepaid cards; Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple for Cryptocurrencies; and Bank transfer, Interac, and POLi as other payment options.

Staying Safe With Your eSports Bets
esports betting has thankfully made an easy transition to the traditional betting world, although the rapid rise in popularity of esports may have caught some people unaware. In the UK, you can bet on everything from horse racing and football, to politics and TV shows, and so it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise to find that you can bet on people playing video games too. When esports first came on the scene, there were plenty of sceptics but it has declined and has become to be a hugely popular activity that is now covered by major sports networks such as ESPN in the United States, and with such networks giving esports an extra level of legitimacy, it was little surprise to find that some of the UK’s most widely respected bookmakers like Bet365 would start offering customers a safe and legal way to bet on titles like CS:GO. This means that all standard legal betting practices in the UK can now be applied to taking a bet on esports, so that betting on esports Dota 2 provides the same level of guarantees of security as a horse racing event like The Grand National.

Another great news is that, countries like Canada to Australia and beyond, have started acknowledging legitimacy of esports betting and the number of people enjoying legal esports betting in USA significantly grew as a result of the ongoing deregulation of online betting in forward-thinking states such as New Jersey – all of which means that we could soon have an entire world’s worth of esports betting options.

How Old Do I Have To Be To Bet On eSports?
There is no fixed answer to this question as the minimum gambling age varies by jurisdiction. Sometimes sites will set their own minimum age above the local minimum age but it is not abnormal to see esports betting site limiting the age of esports bettor from ages 18 and above.

How Do You Deposit To Bet On eSports?
As esports betting is practically the same as traditional sports betting online, you can fund your account and cash out from your account using just about any major methods known today.

Using Mastercard / VISA To Deposit For eSports Betting
MasterCard and VISA are the two most popular ways to deposit for esports betting. Players like this method because of the ease of use and built-in security associated to it.

Can You Use Bitcoin (BTC) To Wager on eSports?
Bitcoin can be used although not universally as of today and not at many of the major, established online esports books bitcoin esports betting it is possible, but surprisingly, there are some smaller online sportbooks, some of which specialize in esports betting, that do allow BTC deposits and cashouts.

How Can You Place eSports Bets?
Dijimig has grouped the variety of different ways that you can bet on the outcome of esports competitions and surprisingly – even on specific outcomes within an esport competition. This is segregated into Traditional sportsbook betting, Fantasy sports betting, Item betting, and Social betting.

Esports: Traditional Sportsbook eSports Betting
This deals with esports within a traditional sportsbook context – the same way that you would place an online bet on a football game or golf match. The main advantage of betting esports at a traditional sportsbook is that knowing that there’s a credible operator behind the online site taking your wager, you can place your bet with confidence. However, the downside is that most sportsbooks are still getting to know the esports industry, which means that you might find an inferior selection of stakes and bets, at least for the time being.

Fantasy eSports
This type of esports betting is especially popular in the United States, where access to quality online sportsbooks is limited by laws and regulations. But, thanks primarily to a federal law known as UIGEA (Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act), fantasy-based gambling enjoys at least a partial exemption from gambling law in America.

Another core difference between fantasy sports and traditional sportsbook betting is that instead of betting against the house as you do with sports wagering, with fantasy you’re competing against other players.

Betting on Streamers
Most gamers will enjoy watching streamers on channels like Twitch and good thing because you can also bet on them. Simply put, an esports betting site would have live streams embedded on their websites, and they would serve up a constantly changing selection of odds for you to bet on. Betting on streamers also has the potential of allowing you to bet on a greater amount of esports. In esports streamer betting, you have the freedom to bet on streamers playing popular new titles like Fornite and Apex Legends, rather than only being limited to bet on the big team-based esports such as League of Legends, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Item & Skin eSports Bets
Item esports betting takes place within or alongside marketplaces for in-game items. It’s difficult to appreciate the full size of this esports aspect of esports betting as there’s very little visibility into the volume, but there is enough to suggest tens of thousands of players are participating in such esports betting – often at surprisingly high stakes.

Generally speaking, item esports betting doesn’t involve any cash, at least not directly. Instead, esports bets and prizes are conducted entirely using transferrable in-game property such as esports weapons or abilities. In many cases, these items are exchangeable for cash at a third-party destination, blurring the lines when it comes to the legality of these types of esports bets in certain jurisdictions.

Social eSports Betting
Social esports betting is a casual bet placed between friends on the outcome of a match or event. This type of esports betting may also include challenge betting, where individuals compete directly for a bet.

The primary advantage of social esports betting is that it’s a low-friction way to add a bit of fun and engagement to an already social experience. However, it has its own downside. The downside of social esports betting is that it’s operating within a limited market and each esports player has no guarantee that they are able to find a friend who is willing to take the action being sought. And in addition, to be honest, if you’re always beating your friends with these bets, you’ll either run out of betting partners or friends before too long so you must also take this into account before choosing the type of esports betting you would want to push through as an esports bettor.

Not to mention that attempting to estimate the size of this esports market is also close to impossible as there is little in the way of reliable or confirmable and available esports data, and given how organically esports betting and sport combine as a social activity, there are plenty of reasons to believe that this type of esports betting substantial in size.

Online Live Casinos Reviews
Live casino games combine the thrills of a land-based casino with all the perks of playing online. In live casinos, you can expect to play with real dealers at real tables with video streamed live in HD. Plus, real money bonuses you need to look out for, brilliant variation of games, and software from nothing but only top developers!

Experience the Excitement of Playing Live Casino Games Online
Picking the right live casino site is step number one to get you far with live gaming. Here at Dijimig, we categorize, rate, and review the best live casino sites with a focus on live casino offers, whilst ensuring your security and safety.

Live Casino Recommendations Players Can Trust
Dijimig team of experts recommends nothing but the most preferred live casino websites. To help our readers choose from their live casino options, our team ensures to make sure to tick all the criteria boxes.

Live Casinos By Country
Almost all top-rated live casinos target audiences internationally and where you live affects your online live gaming experience so we specifically hand-pick top live casinos online from all parts of the world and present you the biggest when it comes to playing live dealer games.

Top Live Casino Bonus Offers
The fact that there are so many live casinos out there means picking one best live casino is a buyer’s market. The operators of live casinos must vie for the customers’ preference – by offering a wide variety of live casino bonuses.

Live Casino Games
An online live casino is a platform and a way for us to experience all live casino games, so live dealer games are considered one of the most important in the casino world. At Dijimig, you’ll find a comprehensive collection of the best live online casino games on the internet.

Key Factors to Consider Before Playing Live Casinos
Dijimig comprises a team of experienced pros in the online gambling industry. We compare, rate, and review the best live casinos, live dealer tables and games, welcome offers, and software makers availablw, coupled with safety and security, support, high-quality gaming, and true-to-life online live dealer casino experience.

The Basics of Live Dealer Casinos
Dijimig knows that choosing the best live online casino is a not an easy job and for this reason we picked the best and safest live casinos in the market for you. Our team tested each live casino platform and took a seat at all the different live tables to make sure that all these live casinos are fair, safe, secure, and legally licensed.

What Is a Live Online Casino?
Online live casinos run the game in real-time through a live dealer and players make betting decisions through a console on their computer. Live casinos also enable players to interact with the game as they would at tables in a real land-based casino.

Reasons to Play Live Casinos
There are plenty of reasons why everyone should try live casino games at our recommended list of casinos. This includes the following:

1- Live interaction with live casino dealers and live casino players.
2- Genuine casino experience from the comfort of your home.
3- Use of native live casino dealers to utilize your own local language.
4- Limits are set to suit any budgets.
5- Availability to play 24/7.
6- High-quality streaming.

What Games Are Available At Live Dealer Casinos?
Dijimig only strive to recommend the very best live casinos for you and we make sure every site we review passes our meticulous selection process, which takes into account all the live casino’s legal situation, gaming software, banking options, bonuses available, customer support and more.

Blackjack is a popular card game played at casinos all over the world. The game is traditionally played with one, two, four, six, or eight decks of cards, so if you’re good at card counting, this is the one for you.

Roulette is relatively simple live casino to play. Once in your game, you’re ready to place your first bet. You’ll need to select the chip size that you’d like to bet with. You can then click on the table layout to place your bet. The dealer spins the wheel until it comes to a stop and the ball will settle in a pocket and now if you chose the same pocket where the ball settled, be ready to collect your winnings

BaccaratBaccarat is said to be one of the world’s oldest casino games and was allegedly created by an Italian gambler named Felix Falguiere in the middle ages. Nowadays, you’ll find many different variants available both in land casinos and of course online live casinos as well.

Casino Hold’em
A casino-ready variant of Texas Hold’em, this game allows you to decide whether you will fold or continue after the flop. The rules were slightly modified; in Live Casino Hold’em you are playing against the dealer rather than against other players.

Sic Bo
Real money Sic Bo is ridiculously easy to play. Just choose your bet on the virtual felt and try your hand at predicting what the roll of the dice will be. If your numbers come up, you’ll win.

Specialty Games, Game Shows, and Other Games
Live casino game shows are another popular trend in recent times and our specialty games section features even crazier, outside-the-box live games and experiences so check those out.

Live Casinos FAQ

Do Live Casinos have real dealers at the table?
Yes, real dealers host live table casinos in real-time. Gaming companies employ native-speaking croupiers from all over the world. Thus, real dealers speak not only English, but also Spanish, German, Italian, Turkish, and others.

Can you really win money playing live casino online?
Absolutely! Players are prompted to play live table games because they make you money easily. Live dealer games are arguably the best way to make money with online casinos, especially if you play games of skills.

Can anyone play Live Casino?
Underage persons cannot register with live table casinos, as well as online casinos. To participate in live table games, you need to be of the legal age of 18 or above.

Are live casino studios open 24/7?
Although not all of them, many live casino studios are open 24/7. Casino studios from Ezugi, Evolution, and NetEnt operate around the clock.

Online Sportsbooks Reviews
If you are looking for the best online sportsbooks or sports betting website, you have come to the right place. We present sportsbooks you can trust and sportsbooks to completely avoid. Whether you’re a pro or totally new to the sportsbooks games, Dijimig’s reviews will give you the knowledge you need to choose the right sportsbooks site for you.

How We Choose the Top Online Sportsbooks
First of all, the best sportsbook may vary from person to person. Each sportsbooks bettor has different preferences and choices, with some are searching for the most reliable sportsbooks, or the most professional, those sportsbooks having the most user-friendly platform that works on a computer, phone, or tablet, or a sportsbooks site that appreciates your business.

At Dijimig, we have only selected the best sportsbooks that are fair and square in terms of offers such as bonuses, promotions, and extended customer services to suit your needs at it arise. As you become more experienced in the online sportsbooks betting community, we know your preferences and standards evolve and you aim to look for convenience in terms of deposit and withdrawal options, speed in pay-outs, reliable customer service and the like. We totally understand situations where you would need to withdraw and deposit money quickly and these are factors of the utmost importance for us, as it is for you.

In finding the most preferred sportsbook site for you, we consider what kind of bets you will be making; how frequently will you be betting; what denomination will you be using; and what types of customer services do you need.

Bonuses and Promotions
As for a sportsbook bettor like you, we also love a good selection of bonuses, especially those that have long validity period from the date of signing up. Therefore, a key factor for consideration are the bonuses and promotions that are up for grabs which are partially determined by, a nice welcome bonus and other sportsbook bonuses. The bonuses and promotions really play are a huge part of our sportsbooks reviews.

Customer Service
While it is not a key consideration you will use most as a sportsbook bettor, it is vital in certain scenarios! When you visit a sportsbook site to deposit but cannot see or cannot understand the process how, or maybe you cannot find the odds for the match you want, it is important to have a great customer service team on hand. That is why we consider customer service seriously in our sportsbook reviews.

Some alternatives in which you can contact customer service agents can be through Telephone numbers; Email address contact; Live chat; Blogs and forums; or through Frequently Asked Questions.

Website Design and UX
Sportsbook or sports websites need to be user-friendly both in terms of its use and navigation. This prevents headaches or any unforeseen problems or difficulties to arise. Normally, the best online sportsbooks will use a mobile-first approach to website design. This is because so many users are signing in with their mobile devices, and, generally speaking, a website design for a tablet and a smartphone will also work excellently for a desktop user while the reverse is not entirely as true.

Sports Betting Markets
Dijimig caters for the sports betting markets and this is the core of the sportsbook betting experience in many ways, with all the other aspects of our sportsbook reviews mainly acting as support for this part or secondary. Our reviews look for sports betting markets that cover many different sports, and that also have many different sportsbook bet types.

To get a true and fair assessment of how sportsbooks treat its players, Dijimig creates actual sportsbooks accounts to be able to interact with sportsbooks customer service, deposit money, navigate through the sportsbooks site, and see first-hand what the sportsbooks experience is like for an actual sportsbooks bettor. From there, we cross-check our findings with trusted colleagues and the general actual players or bettors who uses sportsbooks so our review will not be one-sided. This process is continuously revisted to ensure we have the latest information available for all the sportsbooks bettors.

Dijimig’s sportsbooks review process deeply focuses on the three most important aspects namely: Dijimig’s hands-on sportsbooks or sports betting experience, a standardized review process by our team that helps us compare available sportsbooks from each other, and a clear criteria which bring us towards objective conclusions making it easy to recommend only the best online sportsbooks on the market.

The bottom line is that our team play at the sportsbooks sites we recommend and don’t alike and we only promote sportsbooks which we feel safe, secured, comfortable and confident using.

How to Deposit Money and Get Paid Out at an Online Sportsbook
To place a bet, you need to make a deposit at your sportsbook of choice and each sportsbook vary but the most common deposit methods allowed are Credit cards, Bitcoin, Wire transfer and Alternative currency. Once your deposit was successful, you are now free to bet! However, you may note that each of these deposit methods comes with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Bitcoin bettors might have to set up a Bitcoin wallet first before being able to deposit at the Sportsbook of choice, but it is overall well worth it. These bettors have access to many benefits when compared to more traditional deposit methods. We understand that it is not for everyone but it is worth consideration.

Some benefits experienced by those who use Bitcoin at their sportsbooks account is Increased bonuses, Enhanced identity protection, and Superfast deposits and withdrawals.

To make a withdrawal, your money is usually returned by the same deposit method, except for credit card transactions. You can almost always get a check and there are usually ways to process your pay-out.

All Sportsbooks recommendation you will find at Dijimig are fast in terms of initiating pay-outs; with close to 100% chance that claim your cash in just 10-14 business days latest. In addition, this lead time is significantly reduced when you are using Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies compatible with sportsbooks sites. To withdraw in cryptocurrencies, you will likely need to deposit in cryptocurrencies as well.

When deciding which withdrawal method to use, you need to consider the transaction fees that both the sportsbook site and the banking institution may charge you, which may significantly vary. You suggest that you compare this with the estimated wait times for each withdrawal method in order to make your decision. Again, the lead times will vary from sportsbook to sportsbook.

Which Sportsbooks Have the Best Odds
To save money in your online sports betting portfolio, knowing which sportsbooks have the best odds is a key. It is like finding the best deal for your money!

In order to do this, the first thing you should do is to read our guide to understanding your odds in the sportsbooks site, so you are also able to compare the odds. Without doing this, it will be difficult to understand your chances of winning and which sportsbooks offer the best odds for you.

Sports Available for Betting
The first thing to look for when looking for a sportsbook with the best odds is to make sure they have odds for all the sports you would consider betting on. You can be sure that they will mostly all have the biggest leagues like the NFL. However, not all of them will have great markets for things like darts, handball, or even cricket. Additionally, how deep these markets run for the bigger sports and leagues is another consideration to make.

Getting All the Bet Types
Having the sportsbooks betting markets for a variety of sports is not quite enough. We also want a variety of sportsbooks bet types. Some will only have the most basic sportsbooks bet types, while others will dive deep into creative prop bets and more! We want the most sportsbooks bet types possible so that we can have all the tools at our disposal to make the best sportsbooks bets.

The main bet types that Dijimig looks for in sportsbooks includes Moneylines, Over/unders, Totals, Futures, Team props, and Player props.

How Sharp Are Their Odds?
When looking at how sharp sportsbooks are, you normally have two poles. At one end, you have the sharp books. They really cut the line, providing the strictest odds and the best value for themselves.

Online Sportsbook Reviews FAQ
How do I get the best sign-up bonus from a gambling site?

What are the biggest red-flags of an untrustworthy sportsbook?

There is no fixed formula to check whether a sportsbook should not be trusted, but there are a few points to look out for, this includes the following:

  1. Bad reviews and ratings – An obvious one. Bad experiences from past bettors are definitely a red flag!
  2. No publicly available history, backstory, or independent reviews – When you can’t find any ot at least sufficient information about a sportsbook, this sportsbook site may not be legitimate, so it is a key to do your part in researching about your prospect sportsbook site.
  3. No customer support or representatives who are not helpful – Reliable sportsbooks site have solid customer support. They always make sure that the best interest of the bettors are taken care of.

Which sportsbook has the best odds?
Sportsbooks like Bovada and Bodog will have odds that cater more to casual bettors while Bookmaker and My Bookie provide sharper odds to bettors who have more experience. At the end of the day, odds may vary between sportsbooks, so we recommend shopping and researching around until you find what is right and suitable for you.

Can I bet from my phone?
Good thing because most, if not all, sportsbooks are mobile-friendly without requiring an app download. In our reviews, we make it appoint to indicate which of the sportsbooks sites are mobile-friendly and if the sportsbook has an app.

Is online betting legal?
All sportsbooks listed on Dijimig are licensed to take bets in the region they are licensed in, some countries have opted to start licensing and regulating online betting in their own country, so it’s best to consult with the local laws of your target country.

What sports can I bet on?
Depending on the sportsbook, you can bet on all sports! Some sportsbooks specialize in niche sports, some specialize in major sports, with some sportsbooks now already offer games on entertainment and even politics! All you need to do is to simply check out the different sections of your preferred betting site to find the sport or event that is available.


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