Metaverse or digital world is a general term that refers to an imaginary world free from physical constraints, which might appear similar to what you may have seen in fiction movies.

You can ride the car you’ve always dreamed of, play games, and interact with the people of this imaginary world. You normally use a VR or virtual reality headsets to enter the Metaverse and become a part in this world. In addition, below are some examples of other things that are imagined you can use and experience in the Metraverse.

“You can slip into cozy slippers you wear inside your house and go into your virtual world to meet friends or do some work,” the modem says of imagining a pair of tech slippers.

The purpose of these slippers is to solve some of the practical problems of these virtual worlds or – to use a term that is becoming increasingly common – metaverse. Virtual reality can be endless, the motor slippers allow people to explore worlds in a small space without touching real-world furniture.

Le Clercq believes that you should design stylish and desirable products and then build technology in them. He points to Apple’s partnership with Hermes on the Apple Watch or the recent collaboration between Prada and American Express on a microchipped leather bracelet that allows contactless payment.

While wearable technology may play with familiarity with accessories, it is also set to fundamentally change our expectations of these objects. Placing an AR headset shows a digital layer on top of related attractions and apps such as Twitter, Facebook, and iMessage. This bracelet corresponds with the fashionable view, but the subject is different in the virtual world.

We’re dreaming of the future by looking at the patents

The other two projects are inspired by Apple patents. The more unusual concept is in the form of a pair of gloves that allow people to interact with virtual objects. Le Clercq adds that he does a lot of 3D modeling and depicts a future in which can jump from modeling software to real space, “actually gripping objects and building something by hand”, Le Clercq adds

It is impossible to predict the future of these patents with great accuracy. The iPhone’s first patent – which was registered years before the first phone was released – offered very little idea of what the product would look like. iPhones are now ubiquitous. For designers, this transition is tempting. As Le Clercq says of the process, “we’re dreaming of the future by looking at the patents.”

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