In 2020 and 2021, when all other channels failed, the importance of email was finally seen again. Email shone through the epidemic and what we’ve been through over the past year. Due to the epidemic, email is again an information medium that can reach customers directly through the inbox and in this article we explain how emails become relevant, again, in these trying times.

Some customers want to do constructive work with their data, some customers want to create another campaign, and for some, they no longer have to deal with email. Because of this, people do not know whether using email, as a way to communicate with customers is appropriate.

In the last 24 months, more and more companies have been paying close attention to their data and how they use email. Companies learned how to use data and mergers to relate their message. The epidemic has once again shown the importance of email to companies. During Covid, brick-and-mortar brands, e-commerce, and DTC companies, and hybrid companies began to reconsider their marketing automation strategies. The Apple Mail Privacy Protection feature forced us to modify the “Set and Forget” automation.

B2C companies had to repeat the “Join us in-store” messages that went to areas where stores were closed and now work shorter hours or with less staff. Apple MPP is forcing B2B companies that open their message-based automation on an email to reconsider this tactic. Companies need to do more than just open up automation and update content, schedule, and target. They also have to think about what is being said, how it is expressed, and the messaging process itself. Because now, other customers are thinking of updating and expanding their automation. This is if they did not have to think about them before.

People ask, “How do we monetize email when our physical stores and supply chains are compromised? How can we maximize everything through our transactional messages and in every touch with the customer?” Companies have become channel managers by not sending too many messages to some departments because they do not want to lose those customers.

We can clearly say that this pandemic has ultimately helped expand the use of email. When you have quiet time, think about how to improve email in 2022. Start a list. Pin it to your closet or office wall. We hope that next year you will be able to do your program even better than in the last two years.

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