For about 7-8 years, digitalization has completely changed our lives brought by the global age. As a result, it seems obvious that our lives have become easier in the light of changes.

While the developments and stages in our lives are quite stagnant, the development of digitalization is so fast that it sometimes makes it difficult to keep up with it. An example of these is the weekly or monthly update of the applications on our phones.

As such, all markets started to shift to social media and digitalization. The digitalization that came into our lives with smartphones brought with it the effects.

While the expected performance from smartphones was to facilitate communication and access to desired information, the marketing gurus we call head-hunters turned the situation into an advantage and became one of the first to skim the market.

Access to the Internet and the activation of social media usage on mobile have included applications and applications in our lives.

Users’ positive reactions to the apps have brought new ideas and changes to the marketing world. The continuation of these new ideas has become a part of our lives with innovations and conveniences.

So, what’s the list of these apps?

  • Online shopping applications,
  • Online food ordering applications,
  • Virtual market applications,
  • Messaging apps,
  • Online magazine-book applications,
  • Social media applications and social media accounts,
  • Online game applications,
  • Navigations,
  • Traffic control applications,
  • Health applications,
  • Sports apps

These are just the top lists of the most popular apps on the list. If we gather our subject around these main applications, which are known as the applications with the highest share in the market.

Thanks to the virtual market applications, which have been the most popular for the last two years and completely saved our lives, the consumer saves time. The familiar face is time-saving, but when we look at the back dimensions of the event, customer demands and expectations are coded in databases by creating a customer value perception.

With the system currently being worked on, you will be able to find your needs directly at your door with only a few transactions in the virtual market and other applications shortly.

Social media activity, the desire to live our lives online, brought by the age we live in, is moving towards the stage of sharing our wishes by coding. Brands that use social media very well, on the other hand, continue their efforts to respond instantly to our requests in the light of our active accounts.

The studies on navigation, on the other hand, provide the opportunity to both find our way and meet our needs by notifying the stores. That will help us in line with our wishes around the address we go to with sponsorship.

Years ago, we were struggling to find empty shelves in bookcases, but now we can’t even find a book. Yes, you guessed it right, we can have the book we want with one click with online book and magazine applications. Despite the excuse that I don’t have time to read, with these applications, we can spare time for ourselves and contribute to our development with all the alternatives we want.

By using online shopping applications, artificial intelligence, and data mining together, we can provide our shopping in line with our needs by coding our shopping according to the account and providing us with notifications.

At the same time, the applications that we order food online while presenting them to us, guide our choices with the comments made on the brands we prefer the most. In recent years, brands aim to increase their customer database by trying to improve this interpretation system and scoring, which is called word-of-mouth marketing and current marketing tactic.

These time-saving applications cause people to become lazy. Sports and health applications were developed in response to these and by offering an alternative. Using these applications, the goal is to create an anti-laziness reaction in human nature by providing reminders of our exercise, weight, and daily routines that we need to do.

In our age, especially in our busy lives, we can spare more time for ourselves by using these applications correctly. At the same time, we can spend more time for ourselves by planning our life, day or week thanks to applications.

Each of our behaviors in these programs, which are created in line with our needs, are recorded. In the light of this information, the database of new programs is being prepared.

Although the marketing world has made great attacks for our age, it aims to attract more customers. By turning to our real needs in line with the applications we use and our goals, we can both use time more efficiently and effectively and prepare the ground for new applications with appropriate behaviors for our new needs.

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