Some like to mix old magazines, those who have magazine collections, and even those who try to ensure that a single issue is not missing. Old magazines testify to history, helping us to go back in time. If you have magazines from the past years, open them and take a look, you will understand what I mean at the end of this article. Of course, it is not just about keeping magazines, but there are also old printed magazines that you can access from the internet.

So why old magazines? I can hear your question. The answer to this question in your mind is simple. Of course, it affects the old books, but the old issues of the magazines, which are preferred to concentrate on a particular subject, will be more helpful to you.

I would like to talk about an issue related to marketing that was mentioned in the content of a magazine published in 2013. I came across a section where it is easy to get used to the products called FMCG, but what it will bring for the coming years is unpredictable. In the ongoing subject, they are discussing that fast-moving consumer goods have just entered the market which many people are not aware of and what ways should be tried to get people used to it, as well as what should be used as a promotion policy.

When we look back and look at the present, you can think of how far we have come in 4 years, what we are talking about and how we got used to it in such a short time.

Marketing consists of a world that changes rapidly develops as it changes and those who cannot keep up with this change are about to disappear.

In the 2009 issue of the same magazine, signals were given that the importance of creativity would increase in the future in the name of marketing foresight. At the same time, they emphasized that trying to be creative is not imitating.

When we look at creativity today, the upper class, which skims the market, has already surpassed creativity and speaks of creativity in different dimensions.

This time, we turn our direction to the 2010 issue of another popular magazine in the field of marketing.

In that magazine, however, they complain that the advertising costs of the companies are very high. They say that magazines that are preferred as advertising places have a high advertising cost, but they have to bear it because no other place can be chosen.

Today, thanks to the advertisements made under the name of influencer marketing, it is one click away to stay up to date and reduce costs in a short time.

Different concept events have just emerged while mentioning in the magazine numbered 2015 under the name “Event is the complement of PR.” In 2015, it made a big difference when trying to create special details for events, even if the situation did not go away completely. For this reason, events for sustainability have already gained popularity in recent times.

In the magazine, which refers to the content of advertising in 2012, the fact that customers see historic sites in advertising as a choice of content, increases awareness of the impact. One of the segments preferred by the customers in their brand choices consisted of historical artifacts and historical places influenced by advertisements. Today, this situation has completely disappeared. With the more active use of the internet, customers are already accustomed to visiting and at the same time waiting for the brand to influence them. For this reason, customers expect new advertisements that are not in the market.

There is no content under the name of artificial intelligence in any of the magazines that have existed since 2007. There is no area where we do not encounter artificial intelligence that has not affected the market and brands even more today.

Innovation is one of the most popular topics of recent years. Towards the end of the 2000s, there is no thought about how these issues, which appeared in newer magazines, will affect companies and brands. Everyone wonders how innovation will affect us and gets excited. Today, we fill magazines by talking about how we can develop innovation even more.

Another issue is social media. Brands that use social media actively seem to be very few. Companies do not actively use social media accounts, and brands with social media accounts are very low in use. Today, brands are actively using accounts, which are mostly for customers to convey their complaints and raise awareness. The situation is that even small businesses grow with social media accounts, and the power of social media cannot be ignored. According to the explanation of a personality who is an expert in the field of marketing in a recent program, if the brand cannot have social media activity without being a brand, it cannot hold on. He made statements as if a big brand’s late discovery of social media could not keep up with the wide use of the small brand.

When you look at books and even the previous year’s issues of specialized magazines, you will notice the difference in the topics we talk about. As I always say, staying active in marketing and many other issues today,

Being online all the time is very important.

If you’re not online, you’ll have to be offline!

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