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Craps Live Casino Game

Evolution Gaming

18+ Enjoy Responsibly


RTP: 99.17%
Min Bet: 0.5
Max Bet: 5000
Max Win: x30.00
Accessibility: Desktop, Tablet, Mobile

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The Review of Craps Live Casino Game

Whenever you see a game of Craps Live being played in the movies, the table is usually surrounded by a cheering crowd. Evolution has done their best to recreate the social aspect of the highly popular dice game, and they have done it with style and finesse.

You can also keep track of what other players are doing here, and interact with via the chat function.

Craps is really meant to be a social game, as it traditionally was before online gambling took off. With Craps Live, the social aspect has been restored in the neat 1920s style Evolution studio. You get to see what kind of bets other players are placing, and you can interact with them, as well as the dealer, via the chat function.

Craps Live is a nice addition to the live casinos we find online. The game is fast and easy to understand. We do recommend starting with a small bet when you first start playing. It has paid close attention to the execution of the game and the mechanical arm that throws the dice is a good addition in our opinion.

Craps Live Theme, Sounds and Symbols

This unique Craps Live game is set in a beautiful underground speakeasy themed studio. It is a lively and fast-paced game with many ways to bet and even more ways to win.

The mechanical arm is pure genius, and far more entertaining to watch than a human Shooter. The best thing about this game is how easy it is for beginners to get into the gameplay. You have interactive tutorials available at your fingertips, and the My Number display makes it super-easy to keep a full overview of the action.

The aim of the game is to predict the outcome of the roll of two dice. In our unique Craps we have built in all the tools you need to make the game easier to play and understand. But there is no loss of excitement! You are constantly updated with your potential winnings for the next throw of the dice, and at the same time you can see how many of you that are rooting for the same number.

Craps Live Bonus Features

My Numbers is an added feature that makes it easier and more exciting to play Craps. Each number represents a possible total from the throw of the dice. It shows the number you need to win together with possible payouts.

Craps Live Play ‘On The Go’

Craps Live is a kind of game that looks confusing and somewhat scary for newcomers, but it’s really quite simple once you start playing. To make it less intimidating for new players, we’ll briefly sum up the main betting options below.

  • Pass and Don’t Pass Bets – refers to the 2 table areas known as “Pass Line” and “Don’t Pass”. You basically place bets on the Shooter winning or losing according to the outcomes laid out above. Landing 12 is a “push”, which means you get your money back. These bets are available first, before the “Point” has been established.
  • Come and Don’t Come Bets – are bets you can place once the “Point” number has been determined. Come bets win if a “natural” (7 or 11) lands, and loses if you land Craps. More complicated options are available if the Point is rolled, but we can’t cover all that here.

Proposition Bets and some other additional options are also available, but they are too lengthy and complicated to describe in this review. All is explained well in the interactive in-game tutorials.


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