You may have heard songs that remind you of playing poker. These songs have their own special and unique feeling. These songs may not seem like poker at first. But with a little concern, you will notice certain words in the lyrics. Here are some of these songs. This is a great starting point for further research on artists who have used the language of poker to convey their love, fears, interests, or even some health issues. We have considered different types of music to introduce. From Delta Blues to Pure American Country, from Rock Songs to Pop Songs, we introduce you to the best poker songs ever recorded!

Kenny Rogers – Gambler

If there is one poker song that should be a part of poker history, it is the classic country absolute music song and one of the most memorable poker songs. This is the first song on our list. Dan Schiltz wrote the song in 1976 when he was just 23 years old.

The story of this song begins with a late-night meeting on a train between a narrator and a man known as the “gambler”. The gambler tells the narrator that he can see with the look in his eyes that he has lost his chance and advises him in exchange for his last sip of whiskey.

“You’ve got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold’ em, know when to walk away, and know when to run,” this is a true fact in poker and real life. The gambler then points out that the secret to survival is to know what to throw away and to know what to hold. He also says the best thing you can hope for is to die in your sleep. At this point, the gambler puts out his cigarette and falls asleep. Shortly afterward, he dies in his sleep, just as he had hoped.

Ace of the Peak – Motorhead

One of the best songs about poker belongs to one of the most successful heavy metal bands, Motorhead. You will release this song with a bass sound. You may not hear the full text of the lyrics at first, but you will soon find that they are full of gambling-related lyrics, such as “pushing up the ante” or “double up or quit, double stake or split. “a dead man’s hand,” he points out, which of course stands for pairs of black aces and eights. He uses several gambling metaphors in the lyrics, which is very appealing to poker lovers.

Desperado – The Eagles

This Eagles song was written by Don Henley and Glenn Frey, the unique kings of rock composition. This song is full of poker metaphors. The title may be deceptive, but the Eagles do not refer to a fleeing bandit: instead, the protagonist sees solitude as prison and fears dying alone. For eagles, the whole journey of life is summed up in the chance of a draw: ” do not you draw the queen of diamonds, boy, she’ll beat you if she’s able “or” the queen of hearts is always your best bet. “These beautiful metaphors about poker can make you interested in poker. It’s as if after listening to this song, you want to play poker.

It is a song by the American rock band Eagles. The song was written by Glenn Frey and Don Henley and appeared on the 1973 album. It was a song by which the two formed a group and began their work. The song also ranked 494th on Rolling Stone’s 2004 list of “Top 500 Songs of All Time.”

Huck’s Tune – Bob Dylan

If you have seen the movie Lucky You 2007, you are even familiar with this music. The film tells the story of a futuristic poker player who is ready to lose everything to gain a place at the poker table with professionals. The calm and fluent rhythm of this music guides you along with it. Although Dylan refers to the characters in this movie, Huck’s Tune is still a dream song that will immediately fascinate you. He does it so well that he can easily do it with his poems like “From my toes to my head, you knock me dead.” Communicate. You push it all in and you’ve no chance to win, You play ’em on down to the end. These words, as they refer to poker, also express the realities of life. We think Dylan’s love song in the 2000s could have earned him his second Academy Award. But even without an Oscar, Huck’s Tune is one of the best poker songs ever written.

Jack – AC / DC

A 1976 song by an Australian rock band tells the story of a sexually transmitted disease. In case you did not know, “Jack” is Australian slang for gonorrhea. Yes, it seems that the whole group got infected with this sexually transmitted disease at some point and decided to put it on track. We can see several words from the poker game in the song. At the very beginning of the song, he says “she gave me the queen , She gave me the king”, this can be the metaphor for the poker game. Throughout the song, we also see words like dealing, and card. But ace is in his hands, so he has made this unique song. Interestingly, AC / DC has changed the lyrics over the years. In live performances, you will find that many poker references have become more sexually explicit.

Poker Face – Lady Gaga Poker Face – Lady Gaga

The last poker song we introduce is Lady Gaga Face Poker, which makes your blood boil (in a good way) and you start dancing. The video of this song also uses poker images and very clearly refers to poker. In this song, he says:” Love game intuition, play cards with spades to start,” which refers directly to poker. Then she points to “can’t read my poker face.” This may also indicate that he is playing well. This song can make the listener listen to this song over and over again and not get tired of it.

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