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12 Best and Free Fonts

Choice of the right font type plays a vital factor in delivering a certain message to the readers. As a graphic designer, it is not enough to just focus on the color, gradient, or contrast; another very important aspect of effective delivery is the choice of font type! The font is special, as is the…

Create Impressive Views With HOUDINI!

SideFX's 3D software program, Houdini, gives digital artists great experiences. Although it is quite difficult to fully master the program, even knowing a certain stage allows you to make original designs, enabling you to undertake a very important job. Also, with new updates, Houdini has become easier to use. USE EROSION PATTERN When working in…
How Graphic Tablet Can Change an Artist’s Life
If you want to improve your creativity in graphics, a graphics tablet will come in very handy. The use of these tablets is different from other tablets on the market. Buying this tablet is a long-term investment for you as an artist because of its high performance. Here we look at two famous brands of…
Best Wireframe Tools 2021
The best wireframe tools allow you to test the design of a website or application from the beginning. Some tools are specifically designed with this in mind, which are either quite efficient for creating a quick outline of a design or producing something close to a prototype all the same platform. Here are some tips…
Superheroes Illustrated in Their Personal Moments
When artists become fans of superheroes, they paint interesting illustrations. Artists have redrawn everything from Spider-Man and Wolverine to the Hulk and Deadpool. All of these have been artistic and fascinating images. But last year, an unusual project came up to show us something completely unexpected, something like we had never seen before. The brainchild…
Boldly Designed iPhone 13 Frame
As Christmas approaches, you may be looking for unique gifts for your loved ones. One of the coolest we’ve seen on the market today is a boldly designed iPhone 13 frame which is not a gift you can find every day. ts design may not be usual, but we must say that it has been…
Creative Designers Impact To The World
Creative designers can influence in a variety of areas, which can contribute in shaping the world’s future. Therefore, investing in designers is very important. Ewan McEoin, Victoria National Gallery curator, speaks to CR about the museum's latest exhibition on sustainability and why they want to invest in designers citing that they can make an impact…
Northern Lights While Inside Finnish Glass Igloos
Watching the aurora borealis is one of the experiences that many people have on their list. The dazzling color that waves in the night sky are absolutely mesmerizing. When the magical phenomenon of aurora borealis engulfs the sky, the boundless night sky turns into a painting. Watching the northern lights is a sweet dream that…
McDonald’s Rebrands Packaging
McDonald's has always been known for its bold, playful, and often illustration-led packaging design. A stunning graphic design project which is even more, well, bold, playful, and illustration-led, imagines a more sustainable future for the Happy Meal. Regina Lim's 'Magical Forest' project incorporates storytelling, illustration, and origami, creating a much more playful set of fast-food…

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