Graphic Designer here, This content is for you!

When you said “I am a graphic designer” to the question of what you have been doing for years, you were looking at your face aimlessly. The day is the day of revenge, now there is an audience that understands your worth.

Well, have you ever wondered how the world of graphic designers is?

Here we go for those who are wondering.

Let’s start by talking about the life of a graphic designer. If you are wondering how a graphic designer lives, you should start reading the rest of the content right away.

There are millions of graphic designers and each has different features from the other. They are very peculiar and analyze your speech. There are millions of graphic designers and none of them like their colleagues. If you are looking at the same photo with a graphic designer, he will understand many things that you cannot understand at a glance and will overwhelm you. They are the same with Comic Sans as they are with their colleagues, and they even compete with which they hate more. But they love Helvetica more than it does. If you live in the same house with a graphic designer, they choose your tables with their scales as a new drawing point, and they are also number one when it comes to decorating the house. Instead of listening to you talking to them, they are interested in the pattern of the clothes on them. Due to the work they are dealing with, they attach so much importance to packaging that they immediately buy the products they like without questioning the packaging. Taking pictures is like eating and drinking water for them. Traffic signs and street signs are a source of happiness for them. Because they are strange people, they see people whom no one knows as their idols. They like to go head-to-head, even if they ask you for your opinion, they do their own thing. They love to use their hands as drawing boards and may have strange and inexplicable tattoos on their bodies. They hate Excel and love to read comics. Days go by without brainstorming and they always have different perspectives, an object that doesn’t make sense to you is very valuable to them. They are always sleepy because they talk 24 hours a day. A little note from us they hate the word urgent.

We examined the life of the graphic designer. Well, have you ever thought about how their business life is? Let’s take a look at the lives of graphic designers in their business life. Here are the tortured lives of our dear graphic designers…

They hate all sentences that start with my brother. Because in the continuation of these sentences, they will definitely want something from you. See: my brother, I have a little job for you. Brother, are you going to take money from me? I’ll buy you a meal. (AND HE DIDN’T)

They shy away from those who are constantly playing customer roles to tie the business. Do this job at an affordable price, look, there will be more work from me.

Foresight is good, of course, but let the men do what they know how they want. The design is very nice, but how about we do it like this? Should we try blue instead of red?

The types of customers who impose trust and don’t like it at the end of the job are their nightmares.

Hang on to your head, you’ll do a good job or look, I trust you, let’s get this job done and distinguished customers who don’t like it at the end of the job, you are sweet.

Types that don’t give money until the design is approved. It’s like they get the revision with a kiss too.

They are tired of customers who sneak all their work. They start to say you don’t need to work so hard, but whatever the mind is, it gets what it wants and leaves a tired designer behind.

Setting time constraints, creating urgency makes designer fire! kind shout. Customers who are not liked and say this at the last minute, customers who wait for the delivery of work before the required time, and many more … Distinguished customers who give advice are not over, right? It doesn’t end, it doesn’t run out, on top of that, it bothers eminent designers very much. Customers who seem to be friendly by saying If you don’t fix this a little more, you will lose another customer.

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