Infographics have emerged as a very popular topic in recent years. Well, let’s ask those who don’t know, what is an infographic?

Infographic is the state of knowledge and design that has found meaning in the same spirit. It provides a quick understanding of long texts and intractable data.

Although it has started to be heard a lot in recent years, its historical past is based on many years. Before the invention of writing, the first people discovered the infographic.

B.C. In the past years, people have engraved animals and maps on stones and pieces of leather through infographics. Its current state is the state that has found meaning with technology and globalization fact, it is frequently used in digital marketing, magazines, and internet news content today.

The job of graphic designers is getting harder and harder. We always say globalization, but yes, things have become more difficult with technology and globalization.

Social media is overflowing with users who want to consume content quickly. The easier it is to get used to FMCG products, the easier it is to get used to the rapid consumption of social media. So much so that we are faced with an audience that is afraid to read long articles in the prepared content. That’s why the biggest new target of digital marketers is infographics, while the job is again left to graphic designers.

The reason for such persistence is quite simple. There is a large audience formation and return for the infographic, which has a high impact and return. For this reason, accumulation and learning are very important.

According to marketing experts, the target audience pays attention to visuals and learning new things from visuals. For this reason, the importance of the visual, as well as the content, is increasing. Infographics are shared 3-4 times more on social media than other content.

Well, if you ask what is needed, let’s list it right away.

First of all, as a graphic designer, you know all about typography. Typography is a masterpiece for you and consists of criteria to be followed. The choice of fonts is the first step towards a good infographic.

Besides your name as a graphic designer, you already know Adobe, Illustrator, and Photoshop. If you do not want to use them, you can also get help from free websites for infographics. There is no limit, you can prepare by choosing what you want.

The illustrations you add to your infographics can make your product more attractive. This can be good intimidation against your competitors. While the infographics prepared especially for a company create advantages for both the company and you, you can make it easier to tell the stories of the brands.

Just as colors are important in your designs, the story of colors is very important for infographics. The message is that the color selection is in the right direction. It will provide you a great return on transmission and attractiveness. The point to be considered is to provide a good color selection in the programs you will use.

Data visualization is becoming a part of our lives. Although data visualization has not yet been fully established in our country, it has a great impact on the infographics used.

It is one of the most effective ways used to make sense of form and data. As a designer, adding data visualization to your portfolio will add vision to you in the long run.

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