Undoubtedly, one of the most important emblems of the History of the Republic of Turkey is the TC, whose foundations date back to 1867. It belongs to Ziraat Bank. In our Graphic Designers Turkey group, “Who Owns the Ziraat Bank Logo?” When we saw a post, we wanted to investigate. Although many people realize that the Virgo figure is formed from the letters Z and B, careful eyes do not miss. However, many people hardly realize that the upper part of the symbol also consists of the letters T and C.

It was announced that the bank, which is now known as Ziraat Bank, would change its name to be more effective in the international arena, but later on, with another statement made by the bank, it was announced that the name “Ziraat” and the spike figure would not be changed.

Who is İhap Hulusi Görey?

He is the founder of Turkish graphic art and one of the first big names in advertising. His best-known works are his designs for Turkish brands. It has created the corporate identity of many state institutions and while doing these, it has a great contribution to the creation of the visual identity of the newly established Republic of Turkey.

When İhap Hulusi started to receive many newspaper advertisements and poster orders, he established his first workshop in Istanbul in 1929. He designed the Club Rakı Label (1930) and the Turkish alphabet cover (1932) upon the order of Atatürk, Ziraat Bankası, Türkiye İşBankası, Yapı Kredi Bankası, Garanti Bank, Sümerbank, Emlak Kredi, Turkish Commercial Bank, Ministry of Finance, Turkish Aeronautical Association, Red Crescent, Green Crescent, and many private organizations with various works. He was recognized as the first expert designer of a newly formed state.

A wristwatch by Atatürk for his services on the 10th anniversary of the Republic was given to him.

In 1948, he received a degree at the Vienna International Poster Exhibition with his posters named “Bursa and Izmir”.

We respectfully commemorate the late İhap Hulusi Görey, the designer of the Ziraat Bank logo.

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