Graphic designers are those who follow their dreams and make them come true.are colored ants working to transform?

We can start with the colored ants. I guess you experienced the absurdity of the ant when you first read it. Ants are known for their hard work because no one knows how hard graphic designers work.

We always talked about what graphic designers do and how they work, and they were never asked what you expect. Because we always like to talk about each other. Talking about our jobs and densities is slipping out of our minds.

After the introduction, let’s enter their colorful lives. Graphic designers have colorful lives and dreams. They achieve such success because they do what they do with pleasure, not as a job. In the current period, the value of graphic designers has begun to be understood more. At the beginning of globalization, when graphic designers had little meaning for companies, they already started to run after them to create wonders. Graphic designers are more important for the marketing industry. In other words, the spirit transfer in the advertisements and the images used is completed by graphic designers. However, when we look at today, we still cannot hear their voices as a community. We expect them to quietly complete their work instead of coming to the fore when we need it so much.

If you ask what is effective in the method of imagination, I can explain it as looking and seeing. In other words, contrary to popular belief, they prefer to see instead of just looking. Some of the graphic designers with an experiment explained to their customers how they did this job.

In the experiment, they took a mother who had just given birth. A 3-phase experiment was conducted during the 4 months he spent with his child. In the first phase of the experiment, they were asked for 4 images of how emotional they felt the moment they learned to have a baby. Then 4 more photos were taken in the last 9 months while she was expecting her child. In the final stage, 4 photos were taken after the last baby was born. A total of 12 photos came together in the final. According to the intensity of the woman’s emotions, the photographs were intertwined and a visual was created.

During the creation of this image, the woman’s feelings were noted and stored for examination. The same 12 photographs were also requested from the graphic design student.

They created an image with the course he studied, the process of learning the job, and the photographs he took with confidence, and they also talked about the part that describes the spirit of the job.

When the results are compared, it may seem like an extreme example, but the intensity of emotion, imagination, the similarity of waiting and togetherness periods, and the importance of love of work have been determined.

At the same time, although the visuals used are completely independent of each other, both were met with beautiful comments when they were unveiled. It’s a strange situation, but thanks to this experiment, which can be used as a very successful example to understand graphic designers who are focused on feelings and truly committed to their work, you know that the big mass hiding behind the iceberg. You can better understand the value of graphic designers.

Imagination, their colorful worlds, and their dedication to their work is always the mainstay of graphic designers. If you are a graphic designer and have concerns for your nose, fear not. 

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