This time, software giant Adobe brings NFT to its Photoshop image and photo editing program. The “Provision as NFT” option will be introduced to a system called Content Credentials for Adobe Creative Cloud users later this month, according to a statement released October 26. This feature is included in the preview as it is not yet fully developed.

The uniqueness of NFT means that it cannot be exchanged for any value other than its kind – put up for auction. The system that Adobe released in beta also shows who built NFT. This system was created to prevent fraud that may occur in NFT sales.

With a system called “Content Credentials,” NFT vendors can link their Adobe accounts to cryptocurrencies, said Adobe CEO Scott Blesky. This allows artists to prove that they are the creators of their work in the digital markets.

Adobe has also launched a website where you can verify tasks. Digital markets can also demonstrate product authenticity with an Adobe-certified digital certificate at the time of sale. OpenSea announced that they will increase trust and transparency through the agreement. Rarebel also stressed that with this system, counterfeiting can be combated.

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