Many design trends continue in 2017, but the most popular ones are bold colors, patterns, and full of nostalgia. Let’s take a look at our content of 9 design trends that stood out in 2017.

1. Sketch

Hand-drawn elements

This draws on a general trend that wants brands to look more authentic. Hand-drawn logo, visuals help the design look personalized and crafted.

2. Modern Retro

What better way to throw back to 2017 than to a simpler time and some retro-inspired logos, right? Use bold, bumpy fonts or some fonts with an older feel.

3. Vivid Colors

Bright colors!

Colors are getting brighter, livelier, and warmer in 2017. Think syrup! Think of the sunset! Think of the ski jackets of the 90s. Everything is happening this year. If you want something bright but still pretty colorful, Pantone named Greenery the color of the year 2017.

4. Shapes

Geometrical Shapes

By adding lines and shapes, you can add color to your design and create a minimal design.

5. Photo Editing

Gradient images

With the bold colors we see frequently in 2017, color transitions can bring the designs you make to very different dimensions.

6. Saturated Colors

Keep the colors of your image alive by using naturally found colors in your photos. This will also make your image-rich and eye-catching.

7. Photography

90s style and candid shots

The most important year of the early 90s is nostalgia polaroids. For the photos you will use in the designs you make, you should want shots that look more sincere and less exposed.

8. Layout

Modular layouts

Bring everything from brochures to your banner designs into the modern era with modular layouts. Besides being elegant looking, it’s a great way to highlight the text and image it gives in their respective areas where they will shine.

9. Layered Photos and Text

We’re super excited about this look because it adds dimension to your design in a new and visually interesting way. Text and photos interact by layering parts of the image over the text, and you can create a realistic, eye-catching design.

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