New Stadium, New Logo for Atletico!

In the logo and stadium of Atletico Madrid, one of the Spanish 1st League football teams went to innovation.

First of all, I would like to talk about the meanings of the symbols in the team’s logo. The autonomous region of Madrid is one of the seventeen autonomous regions of Spain and is located in the middle of the country.

The population of the region is 6,489,680. The Prime Minister of the region is Esperanza Aguirre. The flag of the autonomous region consists of 7 white stars on a red background. In the logo, we see these stars interspersed around the bear figure. In the logo of the powerful representative of Spain, a bear figure is trying to climb the fruiting tree.

This figure is the figure on the flag of the Madrid Municipality, which is the capital of the autonomous region of Madrid and the entire kingdom.

The main colors of the Autonomous Community and the Municipality of Madrid in the Atl├ętico Madrid logo are blue, red, and white.

In the updated logo, the main colors of blue and red are darker and more passionate. This makes the logo more charismatic.

The lines of the bear figure have been simplified and the 7 white stars, which we said are on the flag of the Madrid autonomous region, have remained the same.

The yellow frame that stands out on the outside could not find a place for itself in this minimal design.

In the middle section, which resembles a shield, the strips of blue, red, and white are thickened further to give the logo a strong image has been imparted.

The new curved version of the upper part of the logo added a badge, an epaulet atmosphere to the first overall image.

Besides its new logo, Atletico also announced its new stadium, Wanda Metropolitano introduced. The Club played club games at Vicente Calderon for 50 years.

It will be said goodbye to the old stadium, Vicente Calderon, at the end of the 2016-2017 season is announced.

With the hope that the new logo and stadium will bring success to the Spanish representative…

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