Bedside reading for new jobs requested from graphic designers for the new year, spring, and summer months as we are getting ready to enter the spring of 2017.

A legendary content is coming by helping you!

You will say that we prepared, implemented, sent to customers. You can also use them in your designs for the summer month. Take a short break from your work and take a look at the rest of our content right away.

Retro will make a lot of noise this year!

Yes, you heard right, retro is at the top of the graphic design trends this year. With its retro text formatting, modern color palettes, and effect applications, it will be your companion this year. Especially this year, it will be very popular to use the retro graphic elements that stood out in the past by simplifying them. More creative retro this year for this design model used last year designs are awaited.

You will experience minimalism and serenity in your work.

The minimalism trend continues today. However, in 2017, its voice will be heard more. Especially for the spring-summer months, designers will use minimalism more. By combining it with colors will bring freshness to designers with hot weather.

Realism will hit you in the face this year.

Magical reality will give you a fantastic impression this year. Graphic designers who believe in imagination will especially appreciate this trend. In your dreams with the magical reality that is expected to be used in plenty of designs. You will be able to turn your creations into reality more easily.

GIF is following us!

The gif left its mark on the past years, had positive results for customers, and attracted a lot of attention. It creates more effective efficiency by minimizing loading times and data usage with gifs that you can explain more easily without text. Gifs, which do not require special software to work, will be used in many ways in 2017. While designers are having trouble with the most time criterion of modern marketing, they will have brought definite solutions to this problem with gifs.

Let’s use dark typography, let’s open up (!)

It has become very difficult to protect the readers without being distracted by the effects of time, conditions, and globalization. Of course, there is also the influence of generations. Here comes dark typography as a solution to this problem in 2017. By using large, dark, and imposing fonts, you will be able to impress the readers this year as well. It is emphasized in social media content that we will come across these fonts very often this year. Since it is very difficult to keep time and hold for social media, it will be good work that will come to the rescue of graphic designers.

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