Lil Nas X’s new song “Call Me by Your Name” was released on March 26, 2021. The song became the number one song on the Billboard Hot 100. It was also certified Platinum on April 22 by the US Recording Industry Association (RIAA). In this music video, he claims freedom of expression. And while others call it rebellion. For him, this music is a door open for people who have the authority to be who they want to be.

The main theme of this music can be considered queer. Also, the name of this music is taken from a novel named Call Me by Your Name. The novel also depicts homosexuality. For some people, the music has been an attempt to liberate homosexuals and queer concepts, and they have praised it for its art and outspokenness.

Lil Nas X officially appeared as a queer in 2019. He says:” I want kids growing up feeling these feelings, knowing they’re a part of the LGBTQ community, to feel like they’re O.K. and they don’t have to hate themselves.”

However for some music video critics, the practice of satanism and the use of symbols were prevalent, they considered this music video immoral and labeled music as evil.

The creativity of this music video has played a central role in making this music video famous. Also, the cover image of this music has a lot to say. It is a re-creation of Michelangelo.

The video takes place in three parts, first is his seduction in the garden, which refers to the Garden of Eden. And then he dies and dances towards the devil. Then he quickly kills the devil. As if he was probably the reason for all this. He speaks with clear language, reckless action, and subtle animation.

Director: Tanu Muino

Hairstyling: Evanie FraustoVisual Effects: Mathematic Studio

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