Graphic designers here!

Swords are armed, everyone is on their guard

Nerves are high on both sides In this context, we have compiled for you what the customers did and the answers that could be given to them, which infuriated our distinguished graphic designers.

Buckle up tight, here we go.

1. A design from Google images?

If he asks you to prepare a draft and as a result of this he makes a sentence such as “if you are successful, we will continue with you”, first take a good breath. The best response you can give to an employer who loves to piss you off is to take a deep breath and smile. You are a graphic designer and there will be many employers who need you and pay for your work. Of course, there is a trial period in many jobs, in this part, it is necessary to be patient and do the best you can, but if he carelessly continues this behavior, good luck, dear employer, and part your ways.

2. A design from Google images?

Some customers, and often customers who work with you at length, may want the same design of a material they have searched for on Google images or seen around and photographed. The best answer that can be given to such customers is to state that each design is different and perfect and to avoid imitations. With this effective speech, you can be sure that you will be proud in the eyes of the customer

3. Is Coming Sans left?

Helvetica or Arial is generally used in the work prepared by graphic designers. Naturally, those who are competent, those who take their job seriously, don’t come to you and prepare their work with Comic Sans. Look how much he grinned even in this content, right? If a customer asks you to prepare their work with Comic Sans smile and tell them it’s fall out of use.

4. Too Much Writing will pop our eye!

In the advertisements prepared by our dear graphic designers, there are two answers to be given to the customers who don’t like the job by saying, “Well, why am I paying so much money, why is this place empty?” It is a very natural method to have empty spaces to be read and understood first and at the same time appeal to the eye. However, if your customers don’t like this job, you can enlarge the font size and bring it to the shape they want. Let them be as they wish, you never spoil your mood.

5. Get an Avant-Garde Job

He will use this word on you because the aim is to look cool, a word he has never used before and even doesn’t know the meaning of. Don’t be afraid. When you are exposed to phrases such as avant-garde design or I want something minimalist, stop and think. Again, you have two options, either he knows the meaning of these words and wants the job in this direction, or he has no idea and imposes it on you from the designs he has heard around. When you present the design you have prepared with sherbet cries according to the pulse, it will not make a sound. So you can relax.

6. Please make small changes in your life!

Of course, you have or you will have Taking your guard against this sneaky approach and not making any concessions will make your job easier. Because you can be sure that that innocent change won’t pass through the corner of your design at the end of the work. That’s enough for these small so-called changes, your hours will go. Don’t make yourself sorry.

7. Let me eat a strawberry, let it taste like banana.

The one used by dear Cem Yılmaz and this description fits perfectly. Because some customers love adrenaline, they want the logo on their site to be animated. Flying, escaping logos have become a building block for customers that it is impossible to discourage them. If these customers come to you and say, let’s build a website, but let the logo be animated, immediately think of Cem Yılmaz’s words. Give them what they want in the dose they want. Too much flattery and affirmation will drive you crazy after a while.

Every year, thousands of designers in the world even change their profession due to interference in their work. If you love your profession and have no intention of quitting, these titles can help you relax by taking you away from your work for a bit while telling you about it. Let’s take care of the heads so they don’t burn.

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