We have prepared to say goodbye to the third month of 2017. In other words, we are well accustomed to 2017. It’s been a long time since I deleted 2016 from history. The business world has already prepared for the trends of the new year. It even started to be implemented. The sector entered the era quickly with the effect of globalization. So, graphic designers, how are your 2017 trends going? Don’t you wonder what the logo trends will be in 2017? Or have you already started work?

Let’s examine together an eye-opening content prepared for 2017, which will have a bomb-like effect, and overlooked trends for those who see and examine it.

First of all, speaking of globalization, the sine qua non of a brand now consists of the logo. The logo is of great importance for brands as it primarily affects the customer and strengthens their purchasing power.

Minimizing, living minimally has become very popular in recent years. For this reason, brands that want to turn this into an opportunity are graphic designers will ask them to design minimal logos during the year.

Minimalism has emerged as a result of simplification. Another trend of this year is the use of more natural, softer colors in color palettes. In other words, the vivid, bright, and eye-catching colors in the previous years were replaced by natural and soft colors in 2017. At the same time, in the use of one or two colors in color palettes, one’s front is intended to be planned.

Another element in simplicity shows that handwriting will come to the fore in logos this year. Brands that aim to impress their customers more sincerely, warmly, and naturally in their preferred log designs this year will use handwriting.

If you say But no, I can’t fit the handwriting to my brand you need something that will bring more vitality to me, another trend of this year consists of broken letters. Broken letters will also come to the fore this year for brands that want to combine shabby and naturalness with vitality.

One of the strongest and perhaps the most intense designs of the 2017 logo trends will consist of lines. Logos that will consist of lines are both serious and will be the most dynamic logo designs of 2017 with their creative effects.

Speaking of minimalism, simplicity, and naturalness, the vintage that has been used since last year continues to maintain its importance this year. While talking so much about nostalgia, of course, it would not be possible to use vintage. Especially the nostalgia and the vintage style used to influence the X generation is very important. However, one of the elements to be considered is not to be outdated while trying to be vintage.

But again, the biggest job is going through the minds of graphic designers.

For your boundless imagination, at least in 2017 hope to be found.

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