The two-day climate management event at V&A Dundee, hosted by COP26, was attended by 100 designers in person and more than 5,500 designers online. The gathering was organized to help prepare and strengthen the British design industry of 1.69 million people to deal with the climate crisis.

Design Council CEO Minnie Moll emphasizes that the festival has been a great help and that work has just begun. She says the design council has a set of next steps to seek to implement in the coming weeks and months. The group is taking purposeful steps toward advancing its climate strategy. Moll also noted that these meetings will be held regularly every three months.

Many of the design council’s purposeful steps were identified through an online panel discussion by Moll and Cat Drew on the second day of the festival. In addition, there was a group of internationally active designers which included representatives from South Africa, Latvia, Brazil, China, and the United States, as well as several British institutions such as the Design Business Association and the Allen MacArthur Foundation.

Gathering minds was crucial to understanding and planning how designers, as an international group, can move forward in a climate crisis instead of continuing to work in the country’s silos.

One of the tools that the Design Council has already developed in response to this is a 90-second film that designers can screen in opening sessions. Design for Planet is free for all designers, studios, and businesses that want to emphasize the importance of sustainable work.

“This is a global crisis, and we need to be prepared to share thoughts and actions,” Moll says. We can save the planet when we join hands with all classes around the world.

“If we had a manifesto with signatories from countries from around the world – whatever gets decided upon by politicians and leaders at the next COP – we know at least we’d be making a difference because the international design community is so powerful”, Moll added.

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