American singer and songwriter Ashniko released a new single “Daisy”, which peaked at number three on the Billboard Bubbling Under Hot 100 and number 74 on the Canadian Hot 100. Ashniko says ‘’Daisy’’ is her favorite song to date, having a very creative music video and incredibly-design backgrounds.

Partner: Beats By Dr.Dre

Production Company: Creative Blood

Director: Charlotte Rutherford

Producer: Sebastian Baudains

Executive Producer: Sarah Thompson

Director of Photography: Alex Allgood

Costume Designer: Brett Alan Nelson

Hair Designer: Chanel Croker

Nail Designer: Eichi Matsunaga

Editor: Maxim Young at Gorilla

VFX: Felix Geen, Maxi Galgenmaier, Steffen Bewer

Colourist: Richard Fearon at Black Kite Studios

She says “usually, when I write all my songs I have this character that I have in mind, so this one is like this Daisy character, she’s like a vigilante and she kills rapists.”

Her act and her screw eyes in this video are beautifully terrifying. The creative atmosphere is in tune with Ashniko’s voice. This is very important for the audience. Her voice, graphic designs, and music are perfectly coordinated and move in the same direction smoothly, thus, the audience feels exactly what she feels.

She added, “So in the chorus, it’s like ‘daisies on your nightstand,’ so if you wake up and see daisies then something quite sweet becomes quite terrifying ”.

This video contains four different themes: Ice blue, spring yellow, cloudy pink, and lava red. The video begins with ice blue featuring Ashnikko on ice cubes showing her balance. This indicates that she can maintain balance in any situation, even at the height of madness. The next color to appear is the “Spring Yellow” version, which shows her as a bee sitting in a daisy-striped body inside a daisy enamel. Here, she portrays being a king instead of a queen. The “cloudy pink” situation is shown then, and Ashniko is tied to the big screen with long pink hair and a latex pink body dress, there is still a sense of madness in her face and her eyes wide-open.

The fourth and final theme is “Lava Red”, which shows Ashniko in a red latex bodysuit on a red pepper theme, appearing on a large plastic chili pepper mounted on a mechanical cow. Pepper can be a symbol of her reaching the end of the line in madness. Pepper is spicy so when he eats it, smoke rises from his ears and mouth. This beautiful design nails the viewer in place and makes their eyes glued to the screens to see what will happen next until the end of the video.

Ashniko appears in the role of Daisy, very creative, beautiful, and crazy. This video has become popular on social media and some have considered it her best song.

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