Who is the best companion of a Designer? In this context, we will talk about the mistakes you made while using your companion Which is the answer is hidden in the title. Photoshop can save lives but it’s like a bomb that is ready to explode. Whether you’re just getting started or have been using it for years, you can make serious mistakes. And we’re going to tell you about little tips you can do to avoid mistakes.

File Layout

The layout is essential for any job, but it will help you use Photoshop even more.

Namely, a huge pile of file records for a job will make your job even more difficult. If you don’t stick to a proper naming protocol, it will inevitably result in a layer like “layer 7 copy 58” after a while.

The habit of gradually deleting, organizing, and even grouping your layers will simplify your work. Even though many designers argue that this deletion and editing process makes things more difficult or even confusing, the layout will make your job even easier. When you start doing this systematically and get used to it, you will notice that things will speed up. At the same time, you will prevent the other person involved in the business from experiencing confusion.

Using Photoshop Instead of Illustrator or InDesign

Photoshop works well with raster-based images and photos and can apply typography up to a point. But if you find that you frequently scale and resize your shapes or make complex typesetting or page layouts, switching to InDesign may be your best bet. Or if you’re working with lots of text or vector elements, you might be better off using a program like Illustrator. As always the right tool for the job is the right tool.

Overuse of Filters

Photoshop has powerful filter and effect packages. But the trick is to know how to use it well. So it is very important to use it at the right time.

These little games that those who don’t know can’t understand instantly for those who know. There is a conspicuous predicament. And in general, assuming that many people in the industry know how to use photoshop, this can cause serious problems for you.


Harmony will be very important for your design. What to do for this is simple. Aligning common elements in your layout makes good aesthetic sense. You can do this when you open the grid in Photoshop as needed, or by automatically capturing with line.

Disruptive Designs

The paths used for the items are of great importance. If you’re tracing an element, you know you need to get into the habit of using masks and editing layers to paint with slashes, levels. This way, the original sheet is kept intact and untouched, ready to be revisited if your editing doesn’t work.

As we said at the beginning, there is no error-free user, but there should be an error-free use of photoshop. We have left above what you need to do for the “correct” use while you are using your companions. Don’t forget that the small mistakes in the perfect designs made by you can be seen in the eyes of your customers. Even if it does not sink, those who are competent will notice it immediately. This is our only wish ☺

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