Adidas made noise with its newly opened advertising billboard on a beach in Dubai because it’s a billboard with water where you literally can dive into. Yes, really. Like a giant aquarium, the billboard is a box full of water (11,500 gallons of water, to be exact) and is meant to inspire women in Dubai to swim – by showing real women swimming. Adidas has pledged to revolutionize its product offerings with the aim of making the sport more inclusive for women.

The sportswear giant wanted this to support the launch of its range of accessible swimwear for women and address women’s declining confidence to get in the water. Women can wear these swimsuits with any style of clothing and that freedom is inspiringly beautiful. One of the important messages of this billboard is that a woman can be free in the water like a fish and surrender to the waves.

Havas Middle East was behind the stunt that paralleled a movie called Beyond The Surface. This film tells the real-life stories of four women from the UAE and aims to inspire by celebrating women from all walks of life.

At a time when brands are fighting for attention on the global stage, stunts like this are becoming more and more necessary to captivate consumers. We love the innovation and ambition that comes with this type of advertising and expect to see a lot more of it in the future. For now, though, how good it is to dive into an Adidas billboard on a beach near us.

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