MAX 2016, known as the “creativity conference” organized by Adobe, has announced a brand new graphic design program. This program itself managed to attract attention with its unique features.

Adobe’s new design program is called Project Felix. Project Felix promises its users to perform 2D and 3D works. In addition, with this application, designers do not need to know 3D modeling beforehand.

Users find the necessary materials for 3D modeling and lighting options in Adobe Stock together in this program. They will be able to produce the model they want by changing the camera angles and playing with the light. The program provides all these processes with a machine learning algorithm. This makes it easier for the designer to find the perspective he wants to achieve. Real-time rendering is provided with V-Ray. In addition, the designer has the opportunity to preview while working.

What shall we say! It is very good news for designers. It seems that Adobe will continue to be the first choice of designers for many years to come.

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