The life philosophy of designers is generally troubled. They get annoyed quickly, especially by pointless criticism or different ways of behaving towards themselves. No one is a designer and hasn’t heard these sentences, but this article is tips that shouldn’t be told to people who will contact designers rather than designers

1: I have a very simple project, it will not take much of your time.

Get ready to spend your weeks, not months, on this project! Customers not being aware of time management in graphic design can get you into trouble. Because According to them, graphic design is a two-click job, not only customers but also bosses are very careless about it, they don’t care about the other work you have, they want the work they do immediately.

2: My previous designer was so bad he didn’t even give me my files!

Why would a designer do something like this unless he’s having trouble with his customer? Moreover, if someone insults somebody to you, how do you know that they won’t do the same to you unjustly?

3: This project is a great opportunity for you! Everyone in your industry will talk about you.

So he means “I have no money, if you do this job, see how it will be a reference!” So look at a project to see if it’s a project. And Look who’s saying…

4: The design is not bad, but can we try something like this?

99% of those who made this sentence are people who didn’t know the job and people who have shared newspaper clippings before. As designers, we are always open to ideas and criticism, but we look at whether the idea improves the design we offer, not to satisfy yourself

5: Can you make that logo white and send it?

This person’s wishes are not over, you do it for once, but he always tries to get a job done for free where you can sell a package that collects all of them, even if it is small, these people are smarter than you, so I say don’t mix your conscience with your work.

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