The Eurovision 2021 has showcased various creative performances accross all its participants for the year 2021.

There is no denying that all performances are creative, but in this article, we have selected nine best performances from all contestants in terms of their creativity based on stage presence, choreography and overall feel and design.

The common point of these performances is their visual beauty, colorfulness, and energetic performances. They are creative for their stunning stage design and marvelous performance, and no doubht that each one of them have their unique identity which has created an impact to the viewers. You can watch these beautiful dances and colorful designs without getting bored.

While watching these shows, you wonder what their next move might be, and that’s cool. Each of these performances takes you to a different world. Some performances are so cute, attractive, and creative that they give a beautiful smile and encourage you to dance with the melody and rhythm. Also, not only that these performances show the creativity but also delivers an impactful message. So, if you had a boring day, we recommend to watch these creative performances for you to enjoy.

Here is the list we present to you. You can also find the link of behind the scene and the winners below.

5. Go_A – Shum / Ukraine

4. James Newman / Embers – United Kingdom

3. Daði og Gagnamagnið  /  10 Years – Iceland

2. Senhit / Adrenalina – San Marino

1. TIX / Fallen Angel – Norway

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