Choice of the right font type plays a vital factor in delivering a certain message to the readers. As a graphic designer, it is not enough to just focus on the color, gradient, or contrast; another very important aspect of effective delivery is the choice of font type!

The font is special, as is the tone of the human voice in delivering a message. As a graphic designer, you can never have enough fonts, and we always have to look for more.

Many graphic designers seem to have a habit of accumulating large numbers of fonts on their computers, you need to accept it, and that’s totally ok! You’ve only used around three or four fonts and you’re still waiting for the right time to use the other fancy ones. Sometimes, they are as exaggerated that you can’t find where you need to use them. But of course, you still download and collect them. You can put all that aside and use these 12 stylish and carefully selected (and free) fonts from Behance.

There are many free fonts available to download from the internet. A great source of free fonts is Behance, where many designers, both amateur and professional, showcase their font design skills. Here you can find the types of writing that you can use in your casual work where you can see elegant fonts that looks unique and matches the message that you want to convey as a designer.

Here are some of the best free fonts from Behance handpicked by us. All are free for personal use, but some may require a license if you are going to use them commercially.

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